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From the paper "The Articles of Bergen Belsen" it is clear that articles of Bergen Belsen contain the same historical data but both of them lack the crucial evidence to support their claims. They both feature on what happened in the mass murder of Jews which is a true historical phenomenon…
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The Articles of Bergen Belsen
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Reaction Essay Frank and her sister were transported from Auschwitz to Bergen Belsen because in Auschwitz the living conditions were not good for human survival. In this scenario we learn that in Bergen Belsen there was sufficient water food, good sanitation because we learn that in Bergen Belsen there were pit latrines which were not in Auschwitz. In addition, in Bergen Belsen there was no congestion of people who had survived the wrath of war (Weber). Eli Wiesel was given this choice because the British army did not care for his safety in the face-of advancing Soviet Union troops.
The design of gas chambers from my view were isolated places with structures like prisons buildings connected with gas pipes whereby people were put in alive and then a poisonous gas released to them. Inmates could inhale the gas and die mostly the Jew inmates. Moreover, we learn that children were burned alive and from this scenario we can predict this were chambers that were gassed with fire with high end chimneys to take smoke to the skies (Weber). The chambers were L shaped rooms with rows of the inmates separated by barbed wires. The chimneys were more like the crematorium which we have today (Cole and Smith).
From my view, the Phil Donahue interview, it is a major critique to what happened World War II. From my view, the documented data has got many misquotations of the approximate number of causalities of the war. Hence, there are misquotations.
The two articles of Bergen Belsen contain the same historical data but both of them lack the crucial evidence to support their claims. However, they both feature on what happened in the mass murder of Jews which is a true historical phenomenon.
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