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Media Report Name of of Class Media Report Article 1 Curran, Ogolsky, Hazen, and Bosch (2011) studied the effects of family conflict on parents prior to their having children. These researchers wanted to understand the influences of parenting styles that the adults received to see whether they were predictors of their own parenting styles…
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Media Report Article
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Download file to see previous pages The authors present the understanding that there are many factors that can predict whether a family will stay together or get a divorce. They talk about the issue of stonewalling and how it damages the communication in the marriage. Many of the theories that we read about talked about communication between family members or they talk about the family as a unit. In this article, it was important to look at the family as a unit and how they interacted with each other. The authors were looking for patterns in the behavior of the adults who had children within seven years of their having the child. One theory that can be applied to this article is Bowlby’s Attachment Theory. The authors talked a small amount about this but they mentioned that those adults who experienced a lack of attachment were more apt to have problems in their own marriage. The family ecology theory could also be used in this case because the authors were looking at the family and their larger environment. Conflict Theory is also important to this article because it talks about the types of conflicts that people have and why they have them. The article relates to marriage and family because the authors were attempting to understand those issues that stop a family from functioning well after they have had children. Also, the article reflects the issues of divorce and looks for those factors that stop a family from staying together after they have children. Divorce is a very important issue since some statistics state that about 50% of marriages end in divorce (, 2011). Divorce is also a social issue because it affects not only the two people getting divorced, but also their children and their friends. Some people are very religious and feel that people should not get divorced because it is against what their religious teaching states. In this article, there was a consistent theme about divorce and how to predict it. The authors were very specific about how they categorized this particular article and their study had to do only with divorce. Article 2 One of the most controversial topics today on the topic of marriage is same sex marriage. The most recent controversy came from New York because they decided to make gay marriage legal. Kaplan (2011) is one of many reporters who wrote about this topic. Kaplan’s article discusses the fact that so many people are opposed to gay marriage. In fact, in New York, some people resigned from their jobs rather than to issue marriage licenses to gays and lesbians. The article shows that the controversy is mostly a religious one and that those who are opposed, are opposed based on religious issues. The concept of gay marriage is controversial but the textbook gave some information about it. The theory that seems to fit this article the best is the family developmental theory. This theory emphasizes the patterns and systems that families go through as they develop. The same sex family may go through more changes and challenges because they have been recipients of prejudice, anger and fear from some people. The content relates to marriage and the family because same sex couples are fighting for their rights to be a family in the way that heterosexual couples are families. They want the same rights as everyone else –to have a wedding ceremony that is legal and to have the benefits from their spouse and more. The textbook ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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