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German - Essay Example

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The story of Anne is a touching one, with the narration of the incidences she had gone through as a teenage girl during the war being a toughing one. When she was arrested together with her family, they were taken to Auschwitz chambers where they stayed for close to a year…
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Extract of sample "German"

David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director, Auschwitz Museum The story of Anne is a touching one, with the narration of the incidences she had gone through as a teenage girl during the war being a toughing one. When she was arrested together with her family, they were taken to Auschwitz chambers where they stayed for close to a year. Before the Red Army took over in 1944, the SS decided to move some of the war prisoners who could still work from Auschwitz to Germany to work as slaves. Anne was among those picked to be moved, although when she got to Bergen-Belsen, she was adversely affected by the crowded people and died in the camp.
Elie and his father were sent to an attached work camp of the chambers where they worked as labourers. He and his father remained in the camp for close to eight months working under deplorable conditions with torture and cruelty. When the move was being done, Elie’s father had been beaten by the Nazis due to his weak condition. He was suffering from dysentery and starvation, while Eli had been by fellow inmates for his food. Both were thus left behind while others were being marched to Buchenwald. A few weeks later after being sent back to the crematorium, the liberation army rescued them.
2. My personal view of the gas chamber in question is that it had purposely been reconstructed to conceal the truth of what happened in the chamber during the war. There were unanswered questions left during the interview that leaves one with the question of why the museum personnel had been trained to give similar answers to all tourists. When Dr. Cole kept pondering Alicia to tell him whether she personally suspected the chambers having been reconstructed, she referred him to a higher authority, the museum supervisor who was rude at him, who was obviously was not ready to answer his questions, referring him to Piper the Head of Archives who gave him a rather shocking revelation. According to Piper, the gas chamber had been reconstructed after the war, with modifications which were meant to conceal the true picture of the chamber. He acknowledged that it had been reconstructed after the war, meaning that there are things about the chamber that were being hidden from the eyes of the public. The fact that David Irving had been arrested and charged for telling the public that the chambers had been reconstructed and even was fined for his statement leaves a lot to be questioned.
The chimney’s theory is no different from that of the chamber. I believe they were initially used as gas chambers to pass in Zyklon B gas to the prisoners inside the chamber. It could be true that they could have later in the years after the war been built for to offer shelter from air raids, with the addition of diving walls, the original plan had been tampered with. The holes in the ceiling that were originally meant to pass gas into the chamber were removed, and replaced with a door on one side of the chamber. This is ascertained by the Head of Archives, Dr. Piper.
3. The Phil Donahue interview was a show of determination by Cole, who was ready to do anything to get whatever he wanted. It portrays him as a courageous man who stands for what he believes in unless facts prove him otherwise. The interview was an excellent setting with Donahue asking the most relevant questions due to his extensive experience with interviewing people.
4. A lot can be concluded from the two articles on Bergen-Bensel, although both of them have differences. The truth is hard to tell, and the decision to choose on what to believe in is a personal opinion. However, the crematorium was actually used as a prisoner camp, and that a lot of people died during the time. The actual number cannot be estimated, as it is could have either been inflated in one article or deflated in the other. People suffered in the chambers, and although the use of gas cannot be ascertained, the congestion and lack of food, diseases and poor hygienic conditions caused a lot of suffering to the people. Read More
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German Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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