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German Civilization - Essay Example

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The essay emphasizes the history of Germany relating to different expansionism that include military, industrial and colonial in the Wilhelmine period that forced Germany and Europe down the path toward war in 1914. Additionally, the discussion focuses on sociopolitical as well…
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German Civilization
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Extract of sample "German Civilization"

Download file to see previous pages The history of Germany depicted itself as an integrated form of semi-autonomous state, which had multiple loose shackles both in terms of political and economic background. Taking into consideration the loose ends, the political parties within Germany were majorly involved in reinforcing the integrity and the identity of the nation from the cultural and the political perspective. In addition, the history of Germany also encapsulates history about its military forces, the flourishing pattern, which was reflected during the World War I. It was also the starting stage of Germany’s military expansion. Despite being defeated during the ‘First Battle of the Marne’, this small nation stepped upwards as a result of numerous planned military strategies. The success story of the German forces can also be described as a strategic win attained by the German generals over the Russians (Fulbrook 104-154).
German history depicted multiple factors that led this nation to participate forcibly in World War I that occurred during the period of 1914. One of such initiating factor was the situational instability between the ‘nationalists’, ‘colonialist’ and the ‘imperialist’, which in turn triggered the flow of nationalist movements within the European nations. The situation was also accompanied by the exchange of huge number on warfare armaments that finally took the shape of World War I. In addition, to the reasons mentioned above, the intended murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand along with his wife who actually belonged from Austria was also an important factor resulted in the war. The murder was initiated by the Bosnian nationalists that resulted in complexities amid ‘Austria-Hungary’ in terms of releasing final warning against Serbia, which was directly ignored. The entire process decimated the stability factors and eventually ended up in initiating the World War I. The war ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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