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German Civilization: topic in architecture - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Gothic architecture Art is a creative oriented entity that relies on beauty as part of the whole package. However, beauty is a factor that depends on an audience’s perception. The most essential part of art regards the idea that it should be original…
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German Civilization: topic in architecture
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Download file to see previous pages The core part of the style pertained to the idea that it was an absolute German idea. This was revealed through the works of many craftsmen and artists. The Gothic architecture had a fundamental effect on Christianity since it employed prominent spiritual elements. Johann Goethe argues that the Gothic architecture does not require special material for superb features. The field of architecture would describe this style as barbaric since it did not follow any distinct style. However, it is a distinct feature that strikes out its symbolism in every artist’s adoption. In this sense, it follows a homogenous route. In the Gothic era, the cathedral became a central focus of the populace. Each community strove towards engaging Gothic elements in their chapel and church buildings. The Gothic architecture was evident through buttresses, pinnacles and soaring lines of the church that expressed the religious enthusiasm of that age. In a typical cathedral style, the pointed arch represents the Gothic architecture. It is a system of supports, vaults, and buttresses that seek to prop a crushing weight. The stability depends on a system of perfect thrusts and equilibrium. A specific example regards the case of Strasbourg cathedral. The most prominent feature of Gothic art, as pertains to the case of Strasbourg cathedral, relates to stained windows. This feature was an ingrained element of Gothic building style. There was no other period that entailed production of windows that possessed such beauty and color. It is notable that the skill of glassmaking is an ancient element. A relevant example regards the case of Egyptians that fashioned glass items into different outlooks. In the Gothic context, colored glasses revealed a deep religious connotation. In a large sense, they were alternatives to walls rather than tools of concealment. The glass windows submit substantial light. This is viewable as openness to spirituality. The architects sought to humanize art by introducing heightened emotionalism. In close relation to colored glass windows, the interior is lit in terms of compartments. This is because of a transparent shell that seeks to glow through reflection and refraction. Another prominent element, of Gothic art, relates to verticality of the cathedral. The cathedral seems to be striving upwards as it pulls along every feature of the same. In spite of its massive structure, it seems to defy gravity. In terms of location, Strasburg cathedral is located in the mid section of the town. It towers above other features and attracts significant attraction. The pointed arch describes Gothic art and Strasburg cathedral does not escape this. The cathedral is a system of interconnected arches, detailed sculptures and detailed sculptures. Some groups argue of the view that the first King Frederick was depicted in the Strasburg windows. The traditional style, of Gothic architecture, combines every kind of element to point upwards. This was a method of depicting efforts towards reaching heaven. The connection was essential for portraying the whole essence of Christian worship. The entrance of Gothic art into the Romanesque age eventually made the cathedral a Catholics’ property. It possesses a fascinating height of 142 meters. It is a crucial element of Strasburg town since it possesses a large history of building and existence. The structure attracts substantial attention because of its height and central location. The cathedral has a mathematically and aesthetically ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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