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German Civilization (Lesson 4: The Decline of the Weimar Republic and the Rise of the Nazi Party) - Essay Example

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The notion ‘stab-in-the-back’ by General Ludendorff refers to the claim that the German army had not been defeated by the enemy, but their loss was because of the revolutionary forces which were inside Germany. This was a belief that some civilians on the home front betrayed…
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German Civilization (Lesson 4: The Decline of the Weimar Republic and the Rise of the Nazi Party)
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Extract of sample "German Civilization (Lesson 4: The Decline of the Weimar Republic and the Rise of the Nazi Party)"

Download file to see previous pages The German leaders of the government who, in November 1918, signed the Armistice were denounced by the advocates as the ‘November Criminals’. The legend was made an integral part of the official history of the Nazis of the 1920 when they got to power in 1933. Through this, they were able to portray the Weimar Republic as having been the work of the ‘November Criminals’ that were trying to seize power and betray the nation through ‘stabbing in the back’. This propaganda by the Nazi gave a picture of Weimar as degeneracy, a morass of corruption, cruel persecution of the honest, fourteen years of rule by Marxists, ‘cultural Bolsheviks’ and Jews, who had eventually been swept away by Adolf Hitler through National Socialist Movement and the ‘national revolution’ victory of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“German Civilization (Lesson 4: The Decline of the Weimar Republic and Essay - 1”, n.d.)
German Civilization (Lesson 4: The Decline of the Weimar Republic and Essay - 1. Retrieved from
(German Civilization (Lesson 4: The Decline of the Weimar Republic and Essay - 1)
German Civilization (Lesson 4: The Decline of the Weimar Republic and Essay - 1.
“German Civilization (Lesson 4: The Decline of the Weimar Republic and Essay - 1”, n.d.
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