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Apart from trade, the colonial and war invasion contributed significantly in the spread of different parts of southern Asia and this explains…
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Download file to see previous pages The presence of the Arab traders in different ports within southern Asia during the 7th and 8th centuries led to the introduction of the Islamic religion in region. For example, the ports of Malayan peninsula and the eastern Sumatra region received goods from Arabic and Indian ships that were owned by influential Muslim traders. Through their interaction, the religion became common within the port and spread to other parts of the region with the spread of Buddhism into countries in southern Asia such as china was also attributed to the silk trade that took place from the 2nd century. Historians believe that Chang Chien, one of the pioneer Chinese silk businessmen travelled to Ta-hsia and brought the influence of Buddhism to the country (Ross, 2011).
Buddhist merchants were engaged in the transportation and sales of products such as textile, ivory and sandalwood. This enabled them to reach different parts of the region and contribute to the growth of religion in the country, though war and invasion also contributed to the spread of religion, Buddhism and Hinduism was not in any spread through war. Islam was however spread to different parts of south Asia through war and invasion together with trade that has been discussed (Ross, 2011).
The fall of the Yuan dynasty in 1368 gave room to a young peasant Zhu Yuanzang to lead the Chinese military and establish the Ming dynasty. After capturing the Dado region which is currently known as Beijing, the Ming dynasty ended the rule of Yuan. A number of factors contributed to the growth and advancement of the Ming dynasty that was established by a peasant farmer and member of the former Yuan dynasty, the Ming dynasty sought to reduce the suffering of the peasants in the kingdom. This earned the leader significant support from the majority Ming peasants who joined his army to fight alongside ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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