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Islam and Different Parts of South Asia Through War: Invasion Together With Trade - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the spread of Islam in different parts of Asia. It has been attributed to the vibrant trade in spices and gold which progressed during the 17th and 18th centuries. Most powerful Islam merchants and traders were Muslims who were devoted to their religion…
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Islam and Different Parts of South Asia Through War: Invasion Together With Trade
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Extract of sample "Islam and Different Parts of South Asia Through War: Invasion Together With Trade"

Download file to see previous pages The fall of the Yuan dynasty in 1368 gave room to a young peasant Zhu Yuanzang to lead the Chinese military and establish the Ming dynasty. After capturing the Dado region which is currently known as Beijing, the Ming dynasty ended the rule of Yuan. A number of factors contributed to the growth and advancement of the Ming dynasty that was established by a peasant farmer and member of the former Yuan dynasty, the Ming dynasty sought to reduce the suffering of the peasants in the kingdom. This earned the leader significant support from the majority of Ming peasants who joined his army to fight alongside his army (Xiaofeng & Shenglan, 2014). Yuan dynasty is believed to have tumbled due to the indulgence in corrupt deals and business activities. This enhanced the dynasty economic and financial performance and strengthened the leadership of Zhu (Xiaofeng & Shenglan, 2014). Though the dynasty did not take considerably longer, the approach of management adopted by the leadership of the dynasty contributed significantly in the growth and expansion of the dynasty. However, the reign of Emperor Shenzong contributed to the decline and fall of one of the most vibrant dynasties as different sectors of the economy including agriculture, water conservancy and military affairs were improved. A number of factors contributed to the growth and advancement of the Ming dynasty that was established by a peasant farmer and member of the former Yuan dynasty, the Ming dynasty sought to reduce the suffering of the peasants in the kingdom (Xiaofeng & Shenglan, 2014). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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