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Population And Region of South and East Asia - Essay Example

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The essay "Population And Region of South and East Asia" analyzes the region of South and East Asia which is marked by a lot of dynamism in terms of population, geographical setting, economic activities, and religion. The region has had a great influence in other parts of the world…
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Population And Region of South and East Asia
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Extract of sample "Population And Region of South and East Asia"

Download file to see previous pages Nearly every mainland is made up of river valleys, highlands, coastal plains and mountainous regions. The increasing human population in the region has encroached on the tropical forests due to increasing demand for settlement and cultivation land. Although large forest lands still exist, much of the frontier has been taken up by human settlement. The settlement patterns in the region as originally influenced by natural water sources such as freshwater lakes and rivers because they were a source of food as well as a medium of transportation. Environmental factors The people of the region have greatly affected the environmental conditions in the region. Majority of the region is located within the humid tropics with the climate being determined as monsoonal. The region has attracted a number of animals such as the orangutan, the Sumatran rhino, Asian elephant, and Malayan tapir. The region has three major species of tiger namely the Malayan tiger, Sumatran tiger, and the Indochinese tiger. Some unique species of animals are found in this region such as the Komodo dragon which has been regarded as the largest living species of lizards (United Arab Emirates News Agency). Due to the surging population in the region, some of the animals in the region have been described as the endangered species due to their diminishing chances of survival. The people have destroyed the natural habitats of the animals such as the tiger and elephants besides hunting them for their precious skin and other body parts. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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