Analyses of Articles on the Theme of Human Geography - Assignment Example

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The author summaries the articles regarded physical and human geography which focuses on the processes and patterns that shape society while physical geography is earth science, covering atmosphere, lithosphere hydrosphere, flora and fauna…
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Analyses of Articles on the Theme of Human Geography
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Extract of sample "Analyses of Articles on the Theme of Human Geography"

Final summary
After looking at the articles, they have covered both physical and human geography as well. Human geography focuses on the processes and patterns that shape society while physical geography is earth science, covering atmosphere, lithosphere hydrosphere, flora and fauna
South Asia has a population of around 1.5 billion people which puts a lot of pressure on environment, natural resources and infrastructure. It has a variety of geographical features such as main land and islands such as Sri Lanka and Maldives. The climate is mostly tropical. There are three seasons; warm and dry, hot and humid and cool and dry (Sahni 2011). In South Asia religion is diverse; Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. India has a well educated middle class. There is a shortage in housing in urban areas. Early marriages and child labor is common. 72% of Indians live in rural areas (Sahni 2011).
Some environmental issues include deforestation, wildlife extinction, urban population and natural hazards. Bangladesh experiences massive flooding during the cyclone season. India faces lot deforestation which has led to extinction of some wildlife species. The number of women in India is decreasing due to the preference of men to women (Sahni 2011).
In central Asia, Afghanistan is a land rocked country with a very harsh climate. There are very few sources of water and the available are polluted by industrial runoff. Forests have been cleared to give room for agriculture (Rogers 2010).
Europe lies in a higher altitude which makes its climate milder. The languages spoken are diverse; Germanic, romance, Slavic, Basque, Finish, Hungarian and Estonian. There is religious diversity which includes Islam, Secularism, Christianity and Judaism. The population in general is declining due to a variety of factors such as increased wealth making small families a choice, women entering into work force and housing shortages. Alps in Europe are a sight to behold. They span into three countries namely Italy, Austria and Switzerland. The increase in avalanches can be attributed to climate change in Europe (
East Asia comprises of four countries; China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. China’s physical geography ranges from mountains, rivers, valleys and basins in the southern part. 85% of Japan’s terrain is mountainous covered with forests. Industrial pollution affects the region’s environment. Another environmental hazard that face East Asia region is earthquakes (New York Times, 2010).
In terms of population, East Asia are one of the densely populated regions in the world.. 86% of people in Japan live in urban areas while in Taiwan are 78% and 82% in South Korea. 53% of china’s population lives in rural areas while 60% of South Koreans live in urban areas (New York Times, 2010).
Agriculture is productive in this region but it cannot satisfy the food needs of the population. Japan is self sufficient in rice and practice fish farming. Japan has the highest life expectancy in the. Taiwan’s 29% of land is arable and is able to produce enough food. In North Korea, they suffer severe food shortages as a result of issues related to politics while South Korea can afford to import food (New York Times, 2010).
In terms of population and social development, Japan’s food prices are high and there are limited amenities with a population that is aging (New York Times, 2010).
East Asia will face some issues in the future. China population is very high and aging. Japan will face challenges to rebuild itself after the big earthquake of 2011. Korea’s reunification seems unlikely. Many of south East Asia people living in America are now finding it satisfactory to marry spouse from their race or whom they shares culture with (New York Times, 2010).
“For Asian-American Couples, A Tie That Binds”

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“Dutch Prince buried in avalanche may never awaken, say doctors.”
Sahni, D. (2011). India Census Reflects a Grim Reality for Girls. India RealTime: The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from Read More
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