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An essay "German Civilization: The European Recovery Program" outlines that the Marshall Plan has contributed greatly to the reconstruction of Europe. The United States were anxious that the disorder, unemployment were strengthening the pull of communist groups…
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German Civilization: The European Recovery Program
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Download file to see previous pages Secretary of State George C. Marshall, in a lecture at Harvard University on the 5th of June 1947, introduced the concept of a European do-it-yourself project to be funded by the U.S. Aid was initially proposed to nearly all the European countries, as well as countries militarily occupied by the Soviet Union (Diefendorf et al. 28-29). Nevertheless, the Soviets immediately pulled out from the plan and were eventually followed by other countries in Eastern Europe. On the other hand, the Morgenthau Plan was a Jewish arrangement for the invasion of Germany following World War II that promoted cruel actions that would irrevocably abolish Germany as a powerful nation. The plan was named after Henry Morgenthau, Jr., the Jewish Secretary of the Treasury at the time (Diefendorf et al. 28-29). The plan was a recommendation for the supervision of conquered Germany after the Second World War (Dietrich 44). Morgenthau suggested the dividing of Germany into two independent states—the north and the south (Dietrich 12). The Morgenthau Plan comprised numerous of the actions already suggested for managing Germany after the war. Huge reparations were to be pulled together. Mines and factories were to be abolished (Dietrich 68). Germany was to be completely deactivated or emptied of arms and transformed into an agrarian state for the next two decades. In other words, the industrial capability of Germany was to be totally exterminated so as to deter any hostile moves from Germany (Axelrod 83). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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