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The research paper “European Civilization” aims to present a comparative analysis of the arguments presented by the aforementioned writers with Hitler’s examination of culture in his book titled Mein Kampf, where Hitler displayed an ideological dichotomy…
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European Civilization
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Download file to see previous pages Hitler’s ideology also aimed to expand German rule towards the East, the derogatory terms used by Hitler when referring to the people of the East reflect his racist inclinations and present a stark difference from the beliefs of anti-colonial writers. Gandhi for instance sought to promote peace and non-violence for the purposes of softening an unbending British government and achieving the objective of independence. Hitler hails the European civilization and its culture in highest regard and declares, “No, the Jews possess no culture-creating force of any sort…” (136).
The ruthless killings of millions of Jews in World War II are reflective of Cesaire’s statement regarding the “moral and spiritual indefensibility” of European civilization and the violence, coercion and brutality that has been enforced by colonizers to intimidate the colonized nations in the name of civilizing them and bestowing upon them economic progress, social prosperity and cultural advancement. Hitler’s ideology that is based on Social Darwinism denounces equality in an explicit manner and holds no regard for the value of human life. For Cesaire, the process of colonization which has been at the crux of European civilization and the endurance of a culture which dictates superiority over other races has led to the development of a claim which seeks to revise the entire structure of society. 
The reason why colonization is denounced by writers such as Cesaire, Gandhi and Senghor is because the ideological basis of the process is flawed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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