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The author of the essay "European Imperialism " demonstrates that In a reflective analysis of the important reasons behind European imperialism and conquests in the 1500s, several pertinent explanations come up and there are various essential reasons which drove European civilization…
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European Imperialism
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Another explanation suggests the political determinants of imperialism, according to which the nations of Europe in the 1500s were motivated to expand chiefly due to the desire to gain power, defense, and diplomatic advantages, and their desire to implement military force and compete with other European nations was served by imperialism and conquests. “Reversing causation, trade could precipitate the extension of the European empire. However, European power politics (together with European technological advantages) gave a stronger impetus to imperialism.” (Aldcroft and Sutcliffe, 121) Therefore, economic and political explanations of European imperialism in the 1500s are highlighted in the analysis of the factors that drove European civilization to get involved in imperialism and conquest. However, there are other important explanations such as the explanations based on the ideological or moral motives of European imperialism in the 1500s, according to which imperialism as a missionary activity was caused by cultural or religious beliefs. Similarly, the religious explanations of European imperialism in the 1500s emphasize the desire to spread Christianity. Read More
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European Imperialism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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