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The essay "Is Columbus Day worthy of Celebration" states that Christopher Columbus is an Italian voyager who discovered the American countries. Columbus can be seen as “the greatest mariners in history, a visionary genius, a mystic, a national hero, a failed administrator. …
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Is Columbus Day worthy of Celebration
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David Beers Quinn was quoted saying that Columbus ‘cannot be detached from the imperialist exploitation of his discoveries and must be made to take some share of responsibility for the brutal exploitation of the islands and mainlands he found”. Wilford, however, commented that “He is the embodiment of our running dialogue about the human potential for good and evil” so that it would be dangerous to put all blasé to the European conquerors (1991). In the article “That Fateful Moment When Two Civilizations Came Face to Face” by Charles L. Mee, it was mentioned that these Spanish conquerors are also committed to spreading Christianity to the Americans, a goal that is by nature noble (1992).
By and large, Columbus is still not a hero to America, akin to Ferdinand Magellan to the Philippines. Therefore, Columbus Day is not worth celebrating. Read More
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(Is Columbus Day Worthy of Celebration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 268 Words)
Is Columbus Day Worthy of Celebration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 268 Words.
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