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This paper tells that Kenneth E. Sassaman is associate professor of Florida Archaeology. Kenneth is the author of the book, Stallings Culture of the Savannah River Valley. The author provides a vivid illustration of Stallings Island…
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Stallings Culture of the Savannah River Valley
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Stallings Culture of the Savannah River Valley
Question 1
Kenneth E. Sassaman is associate professor of Florida Archaeology. Kenneth is the author of book, Stallings Culture of the Savannah River Valley. The author provides a vivid illustration about Stallings Island. The Island is regarded as a National Landmark situated for a distance of 13 km from Georgia. An evolving and dynamic new culture was progressing in the Savannah River valley at the time of technological and cultural developments. The importance of Stallings culture is heightened by its existence for thousands of years. An island in the middle of the Savannah River was named after the evolvement of Stallings Culture. The names island is situated eight miles from Georgia. Since 1850s, archeologists have been reviewing about the site and eventually proved that the site is one of the utmost significant locations in the history of United States (Sassaman 79-104). Over the past 140 years, more than 12 excavations have been conducted on the island by archeologists and looters. The existence of intensive prehistoric habitation, shell mound and archeological deposits makes Stallings culture as important.
Question 2
The author, Kenneth E. Sassaman has tried to focus on the activity of the people of the Shoals. The first argument of the author is to present a story about the fall and rise of the Stallings culture. Second argument is to discuss about the story of archeology which helps to enlighten the history of Stallings. The author wants to highlight the Stallings culture and bring it back to life with archeological interpretations and excavations. The Stallings culture has gained attention for many decades by archeological. This is mainly due to its setting within a place and time of many archeological deposits such as soapstone artifacts and fiber-tempered pottery. The author vividly described the reason behind the importance and flourish of Stallings culture for over 300 years.
Question 3
The author initiates with the argument of the population of the South-east coast and America. Kenneth explains history of Late Archaic culture of the Savannah River valley with a chart. The chart is based on the radiocarbon age. The Stallings fiber-tempered pottery and its technological are introduced by the author to provide evidence on the importance of Stallings culture. Kenneth also focuses on defining the geographical, typological and chronological parameters ceramics as an evidence to focus on the Stallings culture. Several controversial theories of the people of Stallings have been offered by Kenneth. The experience on about 12 years on the field of archeology, the author provides some fascinating findings about the Stallings culture. Some findings include food economy, ritual, community organization and marriage alliances.
Question 4
Kenneth did not interrupt the structures of scientific practice and tries to write a story in such a style that it can push the parameters of archeological analysis and engage the imagination in the direction of novel. The author concludes that the result of the study on Stallings Island Culture potters indicates that both non-fiber-tempered and fiber wares lived. The importance of Stallings culture towards the history of United States has drawn attention for archeologists. The additional scientific study proves that mobility is the vital to affluence in hunter gatherer economics.
Work Cited
Sassaman, Kennath. People of the Shoals: Stallings Culture of the Savannah River Valley. Gainesville: University of Florida Press, 2006. Print. Read More
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