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Whether Savannah Harbour Expansion Project Is Worth the Shot - Term Paper Example

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The term paper "Whether Savannah Harbour Expansion Project Is Worth the Shot" discusses the possibilities of  the Savannah Harbor Deepening Project that is expected to be completed by 2014 and is expected to be achieved following the expansion of the Panama Canal…
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Whether Savannah Harbour Expansion Project Is Worth the Shot
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Extract of sample "Whether Savannah Harbour Expansion Project Is Worth the Shot"

Download file to see previous pages The greatest concern before implementing a project of such an extent, the impacts of the project to the external environment and the way they can be mitigated is first assessed. Furthermore, the remarkable economic impacts of Savannah Harbor should also be considered before making a final decision on whether to license the project. The deepening of the Savannah Harbor is expected to have significant direct and long-term risks to the national resources and the health of all the people living in South Carolina and Georgia states. Consequently, I believe that the risks of the project outweigh the expected benefits. The risks expected with the implementation of the project include loss of freshwater marsh following the intrusion and increased salinity (US Army Corps of Engineers, 2010b). Also, the deepening of the channel may lead to decreased levels of dissolved oxygen in the Savannah River. Cleary (2007) further argues that the deepening of the navigation channel will have potential harm to the Striped Bass and Shortnose Sturgeon population. Moreover, there is also a concern about cadmium levels from dredged sediments. Without any mitigation being carried out, deepening of the channel to the proposed 48 feet would negatively impact more than one thousand hundred acres of freshwater wetlands.
A proposal to deepen the Savannah Harbor was approved on conditions with the passage of the Water Resources Development Act of 1999 (‘‘WRA99’’) as explained by (Ernst, 2011). The conditions set out included conducting an environmental impact statement (EIS) and presenting supporting studies. Moreover, the project required to be permitted by various authorities. However before the project can be approved, relevant licensing authorities must be satisfied that the benefits of the project outweigh its risks to the environment. Water Resources Development Act of 1999 specified that the project required a joint approval from the Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Commerce and the Administrator in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency. Also, the secretary of the Army was to be involved in the approval of the project (US Army Corps of Engineers, 2010a). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Whether Savannah Harbour Expansion Project Is Worth the Shot Term Paper.
(Whether Savannah Harbour Expansion Project Is Worth the Shot Term Paper)
Whether Savannah Harbour Expansion Project Is Worth the Shot Term Paper.
“Whether Savannah Harbour Expansion Project Is Worth the Shot Term Paper”.
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