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Jubilee Line Extension Project Management - Assignment Example

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The reason behind the implementation of the current project is to improve the connectivity of London through reducing the barrier of Thames. It also attempts to improve certain factors that include access to the inner areas of London, attracting inward investment…
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Jubilee Line Extension Project Management
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Download file to see previous pages There are certain principles of project management that are significantly applicable in the current project. These include the commitment principle and the success principle, wherein every stakeholders of the project should have the commitment for the successful completion of the project. Another principle of project management includes strategy principle, wherein planning is considered as the most important and primary step. Moreover, thread off principle of project management is considered as the combination of both commitment principle and success principle. Another principle includes the control principle, wherein the prime importance provided to the policies and procedures of the project. Single point responsibility is a common phenomenon in most of the projects in which an individual is responsible for every aspect of the project. Furthermore, another principle of project management is the cultural environment principle. In this regard, planning of projects, execution and others are aligned with the community environment and environment law.Determination of the viability of a project is highly important. This is because it assesses the success of the project. Moreover, it also determines the worth of investment made towards completing the project within a specific period. This assessment of the performance of s project is evaluated through two techniques. These include Net Present value (NPV) and the Return on Investment (ROI). The NPV value for project A is calculated as (£ 108,952.31). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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