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BG William Hazen and the Savannah Campaign - Research Paper Example

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The Savannah campaign is one of the most renowned battles which took place during the American Civil War and ushered in its end as the Confederate Army ended up losing one of its most crucial ports. One would state that it was because of the clearly thought out planning of the…
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BG William Hazen and the Savannah Campaign
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Extract of sample "BG William Hazen and the Savannah Campaign"

Download file to see previous pages Hazen played a major role in the planning and execution of the Savannah campaign and the fact that he managed to do so with minimal casualties can be considered to be one of the most remarkable events in the war history of the United States. The history of this man as a tactician and the victories that he won before the Savannah campaign is one of the reasons why he was so successful in the battles he led and won, ensuring that all of the intended objectives of these battles were dealt with in a manner which was swift and effective. The Savannah campaign ensured that the name of Hazen would remain in the annals of the history of the United States for a long time and this not only encouraged members of the future generations of the American military, but also led to the development of similar strategies in other wars that were fought in future. Therefore, it can be said that the Savannah campaign was a turning point in the Civil War and William Hazen was one of the military leaders who were able to make it a success.
The Savannah campaign was planned and executed by Major General William Sherman who after leading his forces into a war in the Deep South which culminated in the capture of Atlanta made a move for Savannah as a way of opening up the communication route with the rest of the Union command.1 While this was the case, there was also the need to ensure that such strategic areas as Fort McAllister were under Union control because this was the only way through which they could be able to effectively capture Savannah. During this period, the Confederate defense of Savannah had sorely misjudged the Union army’s ability to capture the city and this was mainly because of the fact that the city’s entire defense concentrated mainly on the sea, from where the attack was expected. It is this form of defense strategy that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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