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In the traditional internet sense, Obama would only strive to form a website in order that he informs about his agenda and campaign strategy. In the…
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Social Media and Political Campaign
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Task: Social Media The vitality of social media, in the Obama’s campaign, concerns with the fact that it traverses information about the party. In the traditional internet sense, Obama would only strive to form a website in order that he informs about his agenda and campaign strategy. In the Obama’s campaign, the articulation, of social media, will articulate towards low costs and quick responses. The main strategy, of social media campaign, will pertain to the use of mobile phones. This is because people are adopting the tendency of being close to their phones than they are with their personal computers. Texts will form the most prominent part of this campaign strategy. Additionally, phone calls would be vital in the same.
The method of texts will articulate in the sense of automatic machines that send constant messages. These will send the most vital messages of the campaign. It will cover the party and the campaign’s slogan. Additionally, it would entail Obama’s principal message or agenda. The other form would entail sending of message that the campaign situation arouses (Harfoush 117). In this strategy, the same would entail responding to queries and comments from the public. Such comments would have to utilize youth-friendly word play.
It is vital to note of various requirements to texts. It would involve a study, of use of texts, by youths. The constant messages would have to put up with the colloquial orientation of youth’s language. Since the youths would need an engagement with the campaign, it would be vital that the social media section provide polling and breaking news to the youth population. In addition, the social media section will design applications that enable networking sites in phones. In close relation to the same, it will collaborate with the applications’ companies in availing free systems for phones. In this sense, youths would be able to access videos, of Obama’s campaigns, in other areas. The mobile phones’ applications would be vital in attaining contact information. The applications are vital in locating voter’s centers. Such a target enables tailoring of campaigns in order that it fits the same.
As regards Romney campaign, the strategy would involve utilization of social networking sites. The social networking sites have proven to be constructive tools, of marketing, as pertains to business (Amerland 118). This perspective is essential for Romney’s campaign. This regards the underlying fact that relates to attraction of people. In every form of marketing, people are the only entities that feel attraction from advertisements. Thereafter, they commit their efforts and income in the same. The social networking that will dominate, this strategy, will pertain to facebook. The media team would have to form a facebook site that has pictures of Romney and campaign trails. It is vital to note that updates, of pictures, should be regular enough in the sense that it keeps youths commenting on the same. In this site, the media section will ignite daily debates. These debates would have to be constructive for exuberant comments. Daily comments are vital for pulling large numbers of youth voters (Harfoush 140).
In addition, the sites would entail updates of videos that pertain to the campaign trail. It is vital to note that the sites are usable for raising funds. The media team would pass messages to the public. In turn, they would attract funds from the users. In addition, the users are capable of transmitting physical messages to the rest of the public. Such a site would be useful for assessing loopholes, of funds, in the campaign.
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Social Media and Political Campaign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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