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How Has Social Media Affected Political Campaigns - Research Paper Example

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This report will provide information on How social media has changed the strategies within political campaigns to improve voter turnout. There is no denying the fact that social media tends to be an integral aspect of the varied facets of the contemporary societies around the world…
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How Has Social Media Affected Political Campaigns
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Download file to see previous pages Actually speaking, social media is a space populated by an array of opinions, ideas, posts, visual element and videos ranging from heated discussions pertaining to local and international political issues, informative and propaganda driven videos and informative data, allowing the political campaigners to engage, interact with and influence voters in a variety of ways and formats (Dugan, 2012). The biggest aspiration of a campaign manager is to have access to a viable pool of people who could be exposed to an array of ideas and information so that they could be converted to the political vision of the affiliated political party or contestant. Thereby, social media has added a new dimension to political campaigning by making it possible for the political parties to readily approach and influence the prospective voters in the virtual space. Social media has quickly become a vital campaign platform, allowing candidates to establish and maintain direct relationships with potential voters that have heightened political activity, increasing voter turnout.
One can readily understand the keen interest of the political campaigners in the social media and the willingness of the political contestants to accommodate the nuances and peculiarities associated with social media in their campaign format and planning by the increasingly augmenting ubiquity and penetrability of the social media platforms. If one takes into consideration the accessible statistics pertaining to social media, one could readily conclude that social media is a public space that is not only ubiquitous in its scope but is also more easily penetrable as compared to other aspects of public attention. The political campaigns are increasingly accepting the fact that social media is becoming a habit with the people.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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