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Common Aspects in the Articles The Effect of Television Viewing on Adolescents Civic Participation and Not Necessarily Not the News - Term Paper Example

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This essay analyzes the common aspects and differences of the articles "The Effect of Television Viewing on Adolescents Civic Participation" and "Not Necessarily Not the News". Finally, an episode of The Daily Show is appropriately incorporated to enhance the discussion…
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Common Aspects in the Articles The Effect of Television Viewing on Adolescents Civic Participation and Not Necessarily Not the News
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Extract of sample "Common Aspects in the Articles The Effect of Television Viewing on Adolescents Civic Participation and Not Necessarily Not the News"

Download file to see previous pages In The Effect of Television Viewing on Adolescents’ Civic Participation, Hoffman and Thomson have vividly analyzed how the trend of political activeness among the younger generation has been twisted by media in the recent past. Aaron McKain, in Not Necessarily Not the News, has also been able to distinguish between the parody news and the conventional counterpart. These two articles have shared various ideas concerning the parody of The Daily Show to a great extent. However, the two also display some disparities in their findings on the youth and political participation. 
An overview of both the Effect of Television Viewing on Adolescents’ Civic Participation and Not Necessarily Not the News reveals the two share some common grounds. On clear agreement between the two is that the late-night comedy news has gradually increased political participation, including the voter turnout among the youth. For example, with the relentless effort of Stewart, the host of The Daily Show, about 75% of the young adults volunteered for civic participation in the year 2001 (Hoffman, 3). However, the Effect of Television Viewing on Adolescents’ Civic Participation does not only focus on Stewart’s show; it attributes the increase to other similar late shows and comedies that portray the political situations in the nation. McKain seems to go in the same direction as Hoffman and Thomson. He states that in 2004, there was a significant increase in the number of politically active young Americans. The increase was estimated at 23% (McKain, 1). A similar instance was noticed in 2000 when over 39% of the young people aged between 18 and 29 claimed that they had received the news of campaign from the late night comedy shows such as The Daily Show. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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