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Jung states that human consciousness is characterized by its preference of the general attitude- Extraverted (E) versus Introverted (I). It is also typified by its preferences within the 2 pairs of its mental functions- Sensing,…
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Classify each person into 1 profile group
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Download file to see previous pages yers suggested that a fourth dichotomy, (with the contrasting poles of perceiving and judging), also has an effect on the characteristics of personality type- Judging- perceiving (J and P respectively.) All possible permutations of the four criteria mentioned above produce sixteen different combinations/possibilities representing which of the different poles/ends in each of the 4 (four) dichotomies dominates in an individual, thus defining sixteen different personality types. The sixteen personality types can be assigned a combination of four letters (i.e. an acronym) corresponding to the different ends in each of the four dichotomies (Penner et al 67-90)
Various descriptions clearly suggest that George W. Bush belong in the ESTJ. His pictures and character are those of an extravert. As a child, Bush is portrayed as something of the family crown of entertainer. He takes extravert roles such as cheerleader and runs for fraternity president. He gets a playboy status and shows a bias for operation by flying for the Texas Air National Guard. On the political campaign, his trail comes across as active, sociable, energetic and outgoing. In contrast, his democratic opponents-Al Gore and John Perry- both earned reputations as being too stiff, wooden or boring (Jones3-6). His tendency to spend time at his ranch or ant Camp David may at first suggest preference for introversion. However, a closer look at his behavior in these settings further suggests a preference for extraversion in that a key theme is sociability- in addition to the presence of presidential staff; he is known to engender long and active days that often involve family and friends. Intuition and Sensing refer to different ways of comprehending. People who prefer sensing are described as realistic, practical, and always focused on living in the present. People who prefer intuition are described as imaginative, oriented to the future or theoretical.
According to an analysis, George W. Bush appears to be a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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