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The New Deal, specifically the works progress administration - Thesis Example

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Throughout America’s young history, multiple wars have been fought, each having the untended consequence of spurring along an often sputtering economic situation. Be it the need to make…
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The New Deal, specifically the works progress administration
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"The New Deal, specifically the works progress administration"

Download file to see previous pages Prior to America’s entrance into this particular battle, the economy in the country was once again faltering, unemployment was, and basic infrastructure needs at an all time high1. Roosevelt’s New Deal was certainly making a solid impact in this area, as many people were involved in programs facilitated by the Works Progress Administration, yet the reality was that much more was needed. With social welfare programs being taxed to the max, entrance into the Second World War actually ended up making the Works Progress Administration obsolete, as wartime jobs were created, and numerous families found themselves entering into a time of renewed prosperity. The United States entrance into World War II was a far more effective economic stimulus than the social welfare programs introduced under The New Deal, and was specifically more helpful to the economy in the long term than was the the Works Progress Administration.
In a nutshell, the Works Progress Administration was created as a way out of the Great Depression. With millions wallowing in despair, government coffers nearly empty, and businesses shuttering their doors all around the country, President Roosevelt and his closest advisors were charged with the task of rectifying a dire situation before it spiraled even further out of control. Since businesses could no long employ the masses, the thought was that the government could provided much needed temporary assistance to working people in the formed of training for skilled labor positions and then having them build up an infrastructure in the country that was sorely in need of repair2. It was seen as win-win situation for the country and for society. This section will highlight some of the benefits that were achieved during the Works Progress Administration, leading into the inherent problems that seem to always invade upon large social welfare programs in nearly any society.
Signed into law via and executive order in 1935, the Works Progress ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The New Deal, Specifically the Works Progress Administration Thesis.
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