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Potential Impacts of Public Anger on Politics, Government, and Public Policy - Essay Example

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POTENTIAL IMPACTS OF PUBLIC ANGER ON POLITICS, GOVERNMENT, AND PUBLIC POLICY NAME: INSTITUTION: Abstract The Pew Research Center (PRC) for the press and the people is a non-partisan and an independent public opinion research institute that examines public opinions and attitudes towards politics, public policy issues and the press…
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Potential Impacts of Public Anger on Politics, Government, and Public Policy
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Download file to see previous pages The killing of Gifford in Arizona is also examined to predict the public’s attitudes in the future governments. In order to clearly understand this topic, the former major instances of public anger towards the United States’ government are discussed by focusing on their causes, long and short time impacts. This paper examines the origins, level of impact, and examples of the present and former public’s anger and attitudes towards the government, politics and public policies. As part of this paper, the influence of internet invention as a tool for gathering information on the public’s attitude and anger towards the government is also discussed. Potential Impacts of Public Anger on Politics, Government, and Public Policy In the current report published by PRC on 18th April, it is reported that, “By almost every conceivable measure Americans are less positive and more critical of government these days” (Veith, Wilson &Fischer, 2009). The latest report also confirmed that the deteriorating economy that affected millions of citizens fueled distrust and lack of confidence in the congress and elected officials who betrayed them. The general public opts for a reformed government not an activist government but both the Democrats and the Republicans still draw anger. Other than the Viet Nam War, there has been growing anger in America presently more than any other time. Those who lived during the Viet Nam War witnessed street rioting that almost tore the country apart. The government did not bother to establish what the ire was directed to. Presently the Americans are angry again. They may have good reasons to be, but some may be as a result of their own actions. The normal American citizen was sold to a bill of goods that assured them of achieving the “American Dream”, but unfortunately they became the culprits of their own and corporate greed (Veith, Wilson &Fischer, 2009). Crash of the Wall Streets In the last two years, Americans have lost their dreams, savings and retirement. Presently, the high unemployment rates appear to be the worst cause of public anger towards the government. The accompanying domino effects and the shaking wall streets that have destabilized the economy, have caused the urge to realize the “American Dream” among the Americans to gradually diminish. Seemingly, the government is mainly interested in the Wall Streets more than the Main streets. The American administration appears to be detached from President Obama. Congress is at a stalemate. The formulation of the best solution to solve the unemployment problem is taking points among the respective political parties for their campaigns (Woolf, 2003). The once assured prosperous future now seems to be doomed and the general result of this is public’s anger towards all institution, specifically the government. Every American of sound mind should realize that the bill of goods that they were sold to was a fool’s gold. They bought the full package by putting their savings and hopes in the hands of corrupt investors and individuals, who promised them success in the Wall Streets. It should be made known that the 401K was not to replace peoples’ retirements but it was made to be part of the retirement (Woolf, 2003). Its main motive was to lure Americans that Wall Street was a good investment that would make more profit so as to drain you bank savings. Just like RPO predicted, its crash ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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