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Risk Study : Hiking at Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon National Park - Research Paper Example

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Risk Study Report: Hike at Bright Angel Trail- Grand Canyon National Park Name: Institution: Instructor: Course code: Date: Risk Study Report: Hike at Bright Angel Trail- Grand Canyon National Park Introduction Risk assessment is one of the most strategic tools employed to understand the potential loss or harm that a certain activity that is completed in an uncertain environment would impact an organization…
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Risk Study : Hiking at Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon National Park
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Download file to see previous pages Research by Dickson, Gray and Mann (2008) for the Outdoor Council of Australia shows that as the benefits of outdoor adventure activities are increasingly acknowledged and researched, more and more people are not only increasingly attracted to take part in outdoor adventure activities, but are also increasingly becoming risk averse. Bright Angel trail is one of the key star hiking attractions in the Grand Canyon National park. Understanding the risk that would be involved in hiking in this area is important for a tour company if it is to weigh on the costs and benefits of guiding a given set of clients. This paper presents a risk study report on hiking at Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon National Park given a number of clients. Risk Context Statement Given the increasing acknowledgement of the benefits for outdoor activities which has caused a rise in quest for adventure activities, there is a probability that most adventure seekers would tend to be risk averse and wholly rely on tour guides for an exciting yet safe trip. This risk report covers a tour group of 20 individuals of diverse age and gender, who are to take part in hiking at Bright Angel Train. ...
Activity and location: the hike will be a seven mile hike downhill through part of the Bright Angel Trail where the clients will get in touch with nature as they descend through a dense mixed conifer forest on the North Rim, the stunning and ominous Red Wall Limestone, the exquisite Roaring spring cascading stream from a hill, the semi arid area inside the Grand Canyon (Sonoran desert) to the Cottonwood campground. Legal requirements associated with hiking in the Grand Canyon National Park: it is important that the hikers obtain permits from the Backcountry office prior to undertaking the activity, more specifically for the Cottonwood campgrounds (Grand Canyon National Park Service, 2012). The earlier such permit is obtained, the better. Furthermore, hikers under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by Guardians, either parents or teachers. Macro, Micro and Risk Management Context: in understanding the risks the tour group will be faced with, risks with regard to the whole group such as risks with regard to the weather or trail conditions are evaluated. In addition risks with regard to individual members of the tour group are also significant for instance allergic reactions or health problems. In managing such risks, a broad approach encompassing group approach will be used for macro risks impacting the entire group, where as a specific approach in managing a micro risk will be used. Risks Associated with Hiking at Bright Angel Trail – Grand Canyon National Park The risks associated with hiking at Grand Canyon National Park can be identified and analysed based on the hiking activity, the Grand Canyon location, the people who are to undertake the activity, the equipment used for the activity, as well as the physical environment where the activity is undertaken. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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