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Having lived in South Korea their entire life, my family has always wanted to spend their vacation in the United States. As an international student who is enjoying life in U.S, I always describe the good life in America to my family whenever we communicate or when I visit them over the holidays…
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The Grand Vacation
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The Grand Vacation Having lived in South Korea their entire life, my family has always wanted to spend their vacation in the United States. As an international student who is enjoying life in U.S, I always describe the good life in America to my family whenever we communicate or when I visit them over the holidays. It was refreshing for my family to come to America for vacation. I enjoyed hosting them and visiting Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and San Diego during the summer. The two weeks that my family visited America defined a grand, magnificent, memorable, and refreshing vacation.
My family that included my father, mother, and youngest brother arrived at San Francisco International on a Sunday afternoon. It was a nice experience meeting them at the airport. I had stayed for 18 months before going back to South Korea and hence their arrival marked a great reunion especially for my young brother who was marking his fifth birthday on that day. Being their first visit in America, their faces registered amazement. I drove them to my residence through the busy streets that seemed to welcome the new visitors in the city. My family praised the cool weather and fresh air that welcomed them to Irvine. After spending the night at my place, we decided to start our vacation at Las Vegas. The jet lag could not allow us to talk much over the night as my brother dozed off before supper.
As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Las Vegas gladly welcomed another bunch of visitors with South Korean origin. After walking through the busy and entertaining streets of Las Vegas, the casinos and the hotels drew our interest. We booked ourselves in the refurbished Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino for four days. During our stay at the casino, we sampled various foods from top chefs that included South Korean cuisines. On our second day, we visited the Nevada State Museum and the Neon Museum where we experienced old signs take on new life. We also visited the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef where the toothy sea life mesmerized my brother. The innocent fun that we experienced at Mandalay Bay Shark Reef and the fountain show at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino during the night was awesome. A stroll along the Las Vegas Strip that baffled our hearts ended our visit in Las Vegas.
Our next visit was at Grand Canyon where we met a sea of humanity enjoying the surroundings. On arrival, we booked ourselves at in Flagstaff motel that is a 90 minutes’ drive to the Grand Canyon. We watched with anxiety as the exotic sea creatures at Casinos Shark Reef Aquarium gazed at us. The canyons and the Colorado River defined the beauty at the Grand Canyon National Park that was so fascinating. We decided to visit the Grand Canyon South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park that had various places where we could admire the captivating view. Indeed, the South Rim was a nice place to view the canyons and the clear perennial streams.
The canyons hosted ancient rocks arranged in a captivating pattern. My family enjoyed the cleanest air on earth at the Grand Canyon that seemed to know the hustles experience in Seoul. Moreover, the waterfalls at the Grand Canyon formed a breathtaking experience that defined the beauty of this landmark. At the end of the day, we experienced heavy rains that seemed to bless our vacation. Our last visit was at Hilton San Diego Resort. We could view the beautiful Mission Bay beaches from our room. The food and the fresh ocean air at the Resort marked the end of our vacation. As my family headed back to South Korea after two weeks, our hearts believed in the grand vacation that we enjoyed in Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and San Diego during the summer. Read More
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