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This being the case strategies should be in place to prevent such catastrophic from happening. An aircraft crash can result to massive losses both of lives and…
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Module 3 Aviation Trend/Issue Report
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Aviation Trend Airport fire rescue and fire fighting Airport safety is a crucial aspect in all airports regardless of the level of traffic experienced in any airport. This being the case strategies should be in place to prevent such catastrophic from happening. An aircraft crash can result to massive losses both of lives and assets. Major airports have opened their own schools for training their staffs on procedures required during a crisis, for example Pittsburg International Airport.. To ensure the airport and aircraft is safe, the sources for crisis should be identified first. In this case, the major cause is plane crashing resulting to outburst of fire. The fire spreads rapidly and without a control in place, the airport will end up in ashes.
All vehicles used in airport for safety purposes or administrative should be painted and at least have some light to increase its visibility during night hours. During a fire crisis protection of the site should be the first step, so as to gather evidence that will be used to prevent any future similar disaster. The team set to fight fire in case of outbreak should be properly trained and have the requisite equipment and clothing for the task. Setting up the facility for the fire and rescue team at the airport should consider the proximity of area vulnerable to crisis. Fire outbreak in the airport can be escalated by jet fuel, electricity or on any other flammable products. This, therefore, leads to the essence of having the right agent for extinguishing different form of fire. Last but not least is the communication channel used by fire and rescue team should be monitored and enhanced. The channel ought to be efficient to facilitate sound decisions to be made fast, since this will help in salvaging properties.
Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF). (n.d.). Retrieved May 17, 2015, from Read More
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Module 3 Aviation Trend/Issue Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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