M7 Deforestation and Kaibab Deer Discussion - Assignment Example

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This also forms a source living to communities living nearby through the sale of timber as well as creation of jobs especially in the…
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M7 Deforestation and Kaibab Deer Discussion
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Deforestation Deforestation Cutting down trees in a national and deforestation in the tropics play a critical role in meeting thedemand for timber and timber products. This also forms a source living to communities living nearby through the sale of timber as well as creation of jobs especially in the cutting down trees in national forests. Cutting of down of trees in national forests contributes to the growth of economy for both the communities and the government. However, deforestation in both the national forests and the tropics impact negatively the surrounding environment in different ways including destruction of recreation area in the national and tropic forests which provide the locals more returns compared to logging, drying up rivers as alternative sources of income and increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (Merrill, 2008).
Deforestation generally interferes with other important or beneficial economic activities such as hunting, recreation and fishing in both the tropic and the national forests. Deforestation of tropic forests lead to increased emission of greenhouse gases as well as enhance susceptibility of surrounding areas to tropic storms and floods. Floods are associated with increase in certain diseases such as cholera and malaria through breeding mosquitoes on stagnated waters (Merrill, 2008). Cholera resulting from floods can be addressed the public health sector through controlling of the floods through encouraging mitigation measures such as tree planting or re-afforestation. The disease can also be controlled through distribution of clean drinking water during such floods.
The Kaibab Deer Incident
A significant decrease in the number of wild animals especially the potential extinction the mule deer the Kaibab due to increased hunting activities led to the decision to make Kaibab a Forest Reserve. This decision was made to facilitate restriction of hunting activities through prohibition hunting within the forest reserve and the Grand Canyon National Park (Kay, 2010). Nevertheless, the move resulted into increased number of wild animals which posed another threat other forms of wildlife with such areas. As a result, this incident has been quoted in many wildlife decisions especially in justifying the need to authorize hunting to achieve significant ecological balance (Kay, 2010).
Hunting has been supported on economic basis in which the activity is believed to contribute significantly to the national economy. Charitable organizations benefit from donations made from hunting activities both in monitory and food forms (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, n.d.). Regulated hunting is important in ensuring that certain species do not thrive to an extent that they threaten the existence of other species. The importance of hunting has been illustrated by the loss of vegetation in some national parks due to increased number of herbivores due to absolute prohibition of hunting activities within such area. This was well depicted in the Kaibab forest where the increasing dear population following prohibition of hunting in the forest by the federal government.
On the other hand, hunting can be detrimental if not well regulated with over hunting leading to extinction of some animal species. Hunting disrupts the balance of species which is important to the sustainability of a given ecosystem. Increased human interference with the interaction of wild animals through hunting activities may result into unnecessary animal migrations. In this case, the Kaibab incident influences modern wildlife regulatory decisions in which regulated hunting is conducted by authorized groups to ensure the activity is under control. This is important in achieving ecological balance within forest reserves and national parks.
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