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Utilizating halophytes in afforestation and reforestation reducing pressure on deforestation - Research Proposal Example

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Some environments provide different conditions and require different plants or living organisms to survive and promote the environmental cover necessary for a good climatic condition. Afforestation and reforestation aids reduce pressure on deforestation. Afforesttaion reduces…
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Utilizating halophytes in afforestation and reforestation reducing pressure on deforestation
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, reforestation refers to the development or maintenance of an existing forest through the act of planting trees when others are cut.
Deforestation may not prove a very effective means of reducing pressure on deforestation leading to better chances on environmental maintenance. Through these measures afforestation and deforestation, the environmental aspects would indicate an improvement that ranges from the reduced pressure on deforestation. The challenges faced by many countries on fighting the environmental changes occasioned by the high rate of deforestation, there have developed options that would aid in providing solutions to deforestation.
Through these, the application of halophytes has proven an option to aid in providing the environmental cover necessary to improve the environment. The application of halophytes proves applicable based on their ability to withstand tougher grounds and grow into plants that will keep the necessary green cover available. The environmental efforts to redeem the environment have mostly proven futile leading to the need to develop netter approaches to the problem hence the study below:
Many environmentalists have developed approaches towards the solving of deforestation. Despite these efforts, deforestation still on the rise and has provided for a fear of the environment caused by the increasing effects and loss of the earth’s cover. Many efforts have emerged aimed at reducing the effect and creating a means of dealing with the challenges. These range from afforestation to the campaigns promoting reforestation. The application of these means did not yield much and hence the concentration of many on studying these aspects to reveal better approaches to the problem.
The application of resistant plants and those that can grow under difficult conditions has provided the option that many consider workable in reducing the pressure on deforestation. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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