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Deforestation In the amazon - Essay Example

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If left uncontrolled, the loss of rainforest due to deforestation will render the earth useless in a period of time as it will…
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Deforestation In the amazon
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Extract of sample "Deforestation In the amazon"

Download file to see previous pages Agriculture is major factor influencing deforestation in the Amazon as individuals consider it a necessity for life to prosper on the planet. Before, age the Amazon rainforest was protected because individuals were hunters and gatherers hence did not venture into farming. However, changing times has forced individuals and the government to make unwise concession to allow the food growth into the region is a main source of rainfall. Allowing food growth to sustain life does not mean that major sites like the Amazon rain forest should be destroyed. Unfortunately that has been reason behind the deforestation activities going on around the Amazon. The rainforest is slowly being lost as the land in which it is based is being cleared by individuals to enable them practice agriculture in the region. Different land clearing techniques which care harmful to the environment and to the rainforest like slush and burn have been adopted by individuals and are used in clearing the Amazon forest (Campari 2).
The slash and burn technique is a cheap way of clearing land in preparation for agricultural activities. Individuals living around the Amazon use it to cut down trees and clear bushes before setting fire on the area to get rid of the cut and cleared trees and bushes. It is also an efficient way which has been proved to be cause of the deforestation in the Amazon as very little costs is associated with accomplishing the tasks. In addition, the situation is further aggravated by the lack proper techniques for farming leading to a speedy desert formation in the Amazon area which for centuries has been considered to be full of fauna and flora life (Campari 83).
Moreover, over the last year, the Amazon rainforest experienced an increased rate of forest fires caused by the slush and burn used by the locals in the region. Additionally, individuals keeping cattle have also ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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