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Hypotheses, Causal Model, and Operationalization Form - Essay Example

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Since the literature review only contains economy, insecurity and tobacco smoking as the only variables, I would extend them by adding eating habits, drinking of tea, sleeping habits, lifestyle and…
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Hypotheses, Causal Model, and Operationalization Form
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Extract of sample "Hypotheses, Causal Model, and Operationalization Form"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, anyone who eats a balanced diet or eats well will have to live longer than those who do not.
C) Draw a causal model of your hypotheses—using textboxes, arrows, and proper notation. If you do not already know how to create textboxes, or resize textboxes, or draw and move arrow, or align plusses and minuses along the lines, or make all of the lines and arrows black— this is when to learn. In terms of layout and formatting, your model ought to look like those in the samples and exercises from class. (Simply bump it all to the next page if you need additional space.)
5. Where You Have Access to Data for Your Time Period and Cases to Actually Measure the Variable as Operationalized Above (NOT ‘hope’ to find and have access to, or ‘might’ find and have access to, or ‘will start to look for’ or anything other than KNOW where the needed info/data is and KNOW you have access to it.)
The variables will be measured using the most appropriate methods for each of them. Since they have a direct influence on the findings, the choice of the variable will have to be made after considering its effectiveness. For instance, while dealing with eating habits as one of the variables in the research, the researcher will have to conduct a thorough survey to ensure that the most appropriate and proportionate population sample is studied and analyzed. This will help in ensuring that the research is accurate and valid to be relied ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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