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Quantitative Research Techniques and Designs - Assignment Example

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The paper uses articles reviewed earlier in the course to exposit the quantitative and qualitative methods, design, and analysis used in their research…
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Quantitative Research Techniques and Designs
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"Quantitative Research Techniques and Designs"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the audience for different research studies is discussed and how research outcomes can inform social and institutional change is highlighted.
Anderson et al (2002) set out to study the managerial roles of public community College Chief Academic Officers. They began providing varying definitions of community college chief academic officers by different authors. These definitions help draw a line between who are college chief academic officers and those who are not. Some concepts mean different things to different people and research definitions help delimit the scope of the concept under study. For example, Vogt (2006) shows that college chief academic officers are the ones who uphold the integrity of a community college’s instructional and curriculum development. This is a technical definition of college chief academic officers for this study and is strengthened by clear articulation of their responsibilities and duties. Operational definition helps control parameters when measuring a variable. The conceptual definition of a College Chief Academic Officer demonstrates the measurability of the officers’ managerial roles.
Research questions guide the methodology chosen to conduct a research study. The study by Anderson et al (2002) sought to answer the question on the managerial roles played by college chief academic officers and the ones they emphasize. They sought to find out whether there are environmental, personal, or situational characteristics that influence the roles that college chief academic officers emphasize. Singh (2007) affirmed the study’s use of collective bargaining, span of control, age, gender, years in position and managerial experience as some individual characteristics of college chief academic officers.
Minztberg’s taxonomy provided the basis for this study’s managerial role survey. Anderson et al (2002) added ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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