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Preparing Research Questions and Hypotheses - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Preparing Research Questions and Hypotheses” the author analyzes the scope of the research, which is the main determinant of the appropriate number of research questions and hypotheses. He suggests that constructing gaps in existing theories is one way of generating research questions…
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Preparing Research Questions and Hypotheses
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"Preparing Research Questions and Hypotheses"

Download file to see previous pages Alvesson and Sandberg (2011) suggest that identifying and constructing gaps in existing theories is one way of generating research questions. Additionally, Toledo, Flikkema, and Toledo-Pereyra (2011) suggest that a necessary ingredient of a well-developed and sound research study is a research hypothesis since it contributes to solving the research problem. Variables requiring full-value assessment and close correlation leads to the formulation of a complex hypothesis. On the other hand, the hypothesis can be very simple hypothesis is formulated depending on the undertaken protocol.
 Bansal and Corley (2012) state that in quantitative research, careful and adequate preparation is vital to the plan that is laid down at the commencement of the research can be faithfully executed. In qualitative research, idea exploration is the main activity. Bahçekapili, et al., (2013) say that scientific research, which is a quantitative research, is a process that usually starts with a problem and the willingness to solve that problem before generating a research report on a particular topic. This explains why it is inappropriate to formulate hypotheses for a qualitative study.
 In conclusion, appropriate research questions generation together hypotheses formulation in relation to topic scope is the starting point of an effective research study. It is also important to remember that hypothesis formulation is appropriate for a quantitative research study.
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