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Media and Gender Mainstreaming: Any Achievements? Name Institution Introduction There has been a desperate need of ensuring equality in the current society. This is reflected by various equality legislations across the world, which now govern various aspects of day-to-day activities…
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Dont have a topic choice one
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Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact that various developments are considered to have taken place, some groups remained assertive that further action is needed to resolve gender issues. In some cases, media has been arguably blamed for frustrating the gender mainstreaming process as much as it is expected to play a pivotal role. This paper proposes a study to assess the role of media in reconciling gender issues, such as in terms of women representation and content inclusivity. Problem Statement Various developments have taken course regarding the gender issues. Some of the developments have pertained to media. Whereas some articles have pointed out that there are still problems within the media in supporting gender mainstreaming, there are those that insist media has made various developments in fostering gender mainstreaming. The question is then how these could be effectively ascertained. Importance of the Research Policymakers are concerned about the state of gender mainstreaming and the need to realize equality for all persons. This study would go a long way in informing the policy makers about the situation. This will in turn help formulate appropriate measures to address the problem. If the results would present the media positively, it would form a basis for the society to celebrate the achievements. Hypothesis H1: Media has responded positively to the requirements of gender mainstreaming. H2: Media has not aligned gender representation. H3: Media has not assured women about the inclusivity of content. Variables There are two variables that would be given uttermost considerations. These are media representation of media and inclusivity of media content regarding gender, as far as gender sensitivity is concerned. Aims of the Study 1. To find out the state of treatment of gender subject in the media. 2. To find out the state of women representation in the media. 3. To ascertain the state of content inclusivity with regard to media. 4. To suggest the need to take measures. Background and Literature review The subject of gender issues is traced to a period that was characterized by gender movement in Western society. This was in response to various discrimination policies. In America, women did not vote, access education, or even engage in politics. Rampant incidences of sexual violence directed at women were not uncommon. Worse still, women were always the main victims of domestic violence. Women were looked down upon and discriminated in all areas of life. However, the evolution of the world was accompanied by various changes pertaining to women rights owing to emergence of women rights movement so that there were various developments between 1900 and 1970 (Stratigaki, 2005). With several years down the line, it is expected that a lot of developments have taken place. As far as media and gender issues are concerned, literary works on gender issues are well documented. The United Nation Platform for Action (1996) singled out the portrayal of women in media as that marred with stereotypes, further singling out that women possessed limited access to the creation of the products of the media, as well as in making decisions pertaining to media and culture. Woodward (2003) defines gender mainstreaming as the process where the public policy gender element is recognized and incorporated into gender dimensions in policy provision. Gender mainstreaming is characterized by a set of three essential elements, which include equal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Don'T Have a Topic Choice One Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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