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International society - Essay Example

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It is about the invasion of the earth by aliens. In the movie, a group of disparate people converged at Nevada desert and worked with human population around the world to stage the last counterattack…
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Extract of sample "International society"

There is an international society The movie Independence Day is a science-fiction action movie produced in 1996.It is about the invasion of the earth by aliens. In the movie, a group of disparate people converged at Nevada desert and worked with human population around the world to stage the last counterattack of the aliens. President Bill Whitmore led the attack of the aliens in a group that included Hiller and Levinson who later escaped from the mother ship used by the aliens when it was destroyed (Weber p47). Nuclear devices were used by the actors to destroy the mother ship used by the aliens. The group of people triumphed with the help of human forces of the world, and they returned back to reunite with their families. In the end, human resistance around the world destroyed the craft of the aliens. This shows the relevance of the myth that there is an international society.
International society refers to values and norms that are shared by states and how they guide international relations (Weber p57). Some of the norms that states of the world share include: diplomacy, international law, and order. It is mainly concerned with humanitarian intervention. Independence Day shows a good example of humanitarian intervention as human forces across the world came together to destroy the aliens who had invaded the world. In the movie, the moral good shared by human populations around the world defeated irredeemable evil forces.
Comically, the Independence Day movie demonstrates that even without formal order like in anarchy, it is possible for the world to set aside their differences and unite for the good of all humankind. The invasion of the world by aliens in the movie united humanity against the invaders. In the movie, humans are defined as being morally good. This can be seen in the movie when everyone starts to focus on helping one another as the aliens begin to destroy cities worldwide. In a world full of divisions and individuality, there could be looting of goods and extortion of services. Instead, people helped one another (Weber p47). A good example of this situation of humanity is seen when Jasmine rescues everyone she comes across as she roams the streets of Los Angeles, without considering their backgrounds or asking for anything in return. The Independence Day was therefore considered in the movie to be a time when people are morally good and are ready to help other people who share in that moral goodness.
Morse code was used in the movie as a form of international communication to bring together militaries across the world. It was used as a uniting factor to unite all sovereign states across the world into one military community with a common goal and mission to defeat the aliens (Weber p48). After the united world triumphed, it became clear that the world has become safe from the aliens, so there was an international society.
It may be argued that the movie Independence Day was produced in a sovereign state – United States, so it does not have any implication on other nations such as Yugoslavia that are yet to become sovereign. Furthermore, the use of United States to represent the world looks like the domestication of international space (Weber p48). However, what can be inferred from the movie is that there are moral people in good states and societies who are willing to do everything for the good of their societies or the nation-states of the world. Therefore, there is indeed an international society.
Works cited
Weber, Cynthia. International Relations: A critical introduction, 2nd edition. London and New York: Routledge. 2005. Web. Read More
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