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An essay "Discovery Of The World" outlines that the initial education on world tours captures the role of Columbus as a first explorer, which is not accurate because of the existence of data suggesting there were other voyagers before him who explored the world…
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Discovery Of The World
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Discovery Of The World
The discovery of the world is based on the ability to travel and documents the events chronologically. Christopher Columbus was able to travel and document the adventure leading the belief that he discovered the world. He is credited for the discovery on the basis of documentation, but actually there is existence of other groups of people who travelled around, but could not document the travel effectively.
Christopher Columbus is credited for discovering the world during his voyages across the sea because he documented his travels across America. The initial education on world tours captures the role of Columbus as a first explorer, which is not accurate because of the existence of data suggesting there were other voyagers before him who explored the world and discovered most of the places he is credited for.
The involvement of Columbus in Hispaniola indicates the cruel nature of his approach. The killing of the inhabitants of the area was a genocide event because it led to suffering to the people of Hispaniola. The direct involvement of his men in the death of the locals indicates criminal liability of Columbus. In addition, the action taken by Columbus and his voyagers in area can be charged in the modern world as violation of human rights.
Columbus is a villain and not a hero because he is credited for what he did not achieve. Likewise, he is involved in actions and events that are not related to heroism. The involvement in battles in order to claim the lands and wealth of others is an indication of the challenge of respect to humans. Therefore, Columbus is a villain and a cruel person. Read More
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Discovery Of The World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 109.
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