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It details the pre-modern historic times, post-medieval times and challenges to histo-graphical conventions of several centuries back and histories of countries. The author suggests alternatives to…
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Library search paper
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Download file to see previous pages He reiterates that although there are no fixed years for the historic time, it spans the era after the latest portion of the Middle Age. His refers to the period between the 1500 AD and 1800 AD. He further gives another alternative to the definition of the time as the period between the Fall of Constantinople in the 1453 AD (also known as the Age of Discovery or Renaissance) and the French Revolution of 1789 (Stan, 65).
The author notes the most crucial elements of the period as globalizing of the world. The period saw exploration of the universe and colonization of some parts of the globe like America. The period marked increased contact between the West and other parts of the world that were deemed isolated. Historic powers became the leaders of international trade. An exchange of animals and animal products, plants and plant products, minerals and slaves saw the creation of a new world. A form of trading exchange that altered all forms of trade and interaction in the world was the Columbian Exchange.
Stan Randolph explains how international trade led to modernization. He says that capitalistic institutions and economies became exceedingly sophisticated. The article points out that this kind of globally articulated capitalistic economy began in Medieval North Italian city states. Milan, Venice and Genoa were the power sources of the said sophistication. Mercantilism arose and began dominating as the most revered economic theory. Christianity spread to most parts of the world within this period. This was done at the same time as colonization of Africa and the rest of the world by European countries.
Earliest modern trends characterized a paradigm shift from medieval modes of organization. The shift was both political and economic. A number of events took place in Europe during the time. Happenings such as the decline of feudalism that included the disastrous thirty years war across Europe, the Golden Age of Piracy, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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