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It closely follows the lives and times of Nick and his millionaire neighbour Jay Gatsby from whom the title of the film is based. It is also notable that the film is one that revolves around…
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The Great Gatsby review
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Lecturer’s The American Dream: The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is a film adapted from a novel with a similartitle from 1925. It closely follows the lives and times of Nick and his millionaire neighbour Jay Gatsby from whom the title of the film is based. It is also notable that the film is one that revolves around love circles than any other set of themes. However, there is a hint of seeking the American Dream with some key characters such as Nick.
The initial tenet of the American Dream is that anyone can pursue success. The film is based in the roaring Twenties when the economy was growing considerably and opening new opportunities for those that sought them. This is apparently illustrated by Nick who relocates to New York in search of a better future. At the end of the film, Gatsby exclaims to Nick that he was born penniless. Gatsby was a millionaire who was renowned in the neighbourhood, and this goes to show that success is possible for anyone as provided for by the second tenant of the American Dream.
The two final tenets of the ideals of the American Dream are not well depicted in the film. Success is attained through hard work is the third principle. It is not clear to establish what Gatsby did to amass such wealth but there is an instance where Tom accuses him of bootlegging alcohol and conducting other illegal deeds. If in deed this is the reason why Gatsby was wealthy, the third principle does not apply in this case. The same can be said about the fourth tenet that asserts that success is associated with virtue. The hint of involvement in illegal practices may invalidate this tenet in the case of Gatsby and also he plans to take Daisy away from Tom.
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