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Texas has got a strict voter ID law that requires voters to avert photo ID with a name that considerably matches the name on the registered voters list. The new voter ID Law in Texas has faced several criticisms…
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I will attach the Topic and instruction
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VOTER IDENTIFICATION POLITICS IN TEXAS The paper discusses the Voter Identification Politics in Texas. Texas has got a strict voter ID law that requires voters to avert photo ID with a name that considerably matches the name on the registered voters list. The new voter ID Law in Texas has faced several criticisms from various ends.
During the year 2011when the new voter-identification law was passed in Texas, the Republicans who govern the state politics expressed their joy about the new law. According to the Republicans, this would increase “the integrity of state elections” (Austin, 2013).On the other hand the Democrats considered it as “nonsense” (Austin, 2013).They accused the Republicans of exploiting the voter-ID law to create hurdles for the poor citizens of Texas and the minorities. The Law involved the active participation of the Texas Legislature, Senate and House, Gov. Rick Perry, federal government and the U.S. Department of Justice.
The Law was passed accordingly under the supervision of the Legislature of Texas after three legislative rounds and six years. The House approved its version in March, 101- 48. After contrasts between the Senate and House versions were resolved, both chambers approved the final version, in May, SB 14 and forwarded it to Gov. Rick Perry, who had announced the issue a crisis item at an earlier period in the session. Notwithstanding, more than a year and a full election cycle after its entry, the law is still not in effect, its incorporation first held up by the U.S. Division of Justice, then denied by a federal circuit court. Its extreme destiny was chosen by the U.S. Supreme Court. During the time of July 2011, Texas formally asked the Justice Department to "preclear" the law and permit it to become effective from Jan. 1, 2012. The federal government had 60 days to go for one out of the three alternatives: support the solicitation, deny it or request more data (The Texas Tribune, n.d.).
The issue affected the women of Texas to a large extent since after marriage their surnames often get changed. While a few Americans headed to twitter to express their backing for the new voting regulations, others utilized the medium to whine about not having their vote numbered or being compelled to go through excessive complications, for instance putting signature on a sworn affidavit. Furthermore to underscore the perplexity that these laws have fashioned the nation over, a few voters didnt realize what sort of recognizable proof, if any, they required to produce. There are also accounts of poll workers asked to produce IDs in states like Iowa and New York, which don’t possess voter ID rules on the law books. Overall the new voter ID law of Texas came up with a lot of complications and confusions. Although the government put in lots of effort for the introduction of the new law, it failed to provide the citizens with an easy to obtain and free of cost mechanism.
After the study, one may learn that varying marriage names of the female citizens on significant reports, and records demonstrating genders distinctive to that displayed, could cause issues for numerous voters at the elections.
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The Texas Tribune. (n.d). TRIBPEDIA : Voter ID. Retrieved from Read More
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