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This definition normally looks on the good side of something. How unusually good something is. In this context, the word exceptional will be looked at in the negative perspective. That is…
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Texas Exceptionalism
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From the dictionary, the word exceptional is normally defined as unusual or outstanding. This definition normally looks on the good side of something. How unusually good something is. In this context, the word exceptional will be looked at in the negative perspective. That is unusually bad. Texas is a state that stands out from the rest in all the possible negatives. Historians and other scholars have been researching on what or who could be the cause of this phenomenon. Texas people are considered to be the most desperate people in America (Nackman 33). The reason as to why they are famous for this or rather described as such is because of the following reasons. The State has the largest percentages of uninsured children, Non-Elderly insured, population with food insecurity, Teenage Birth Rate, Overall Birthrate, amount of toxic wastes released into water and air just to mention but a few (Nackman 57). The answer to the origin of this observation is not easy since more than six nations have colonized the whole State or some parts of Texas. This dates back to the 18th century when Texas was ruled by Spain. Mexico then took over Texas in 1836. Later, the Anglo settlers in Texas rebelled against the Mexican rulers and brought about their own form of civilization in Texas. This study normally aims at understanding how the ways of the early settlers in Texas have found their way into the present times without much change. The early settlers were complex, greedy, divided and racist. The people of Texas have always viewed themselves as superior to other people (Nackman 87). They believe that they are exceptional people who have amazing powers and were intended to establish an original country. Therefore, the early Settlers, commonly referred to as Anglo settlers are the ones who created Texas exceptionalism.
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Nackman, Mark E.. A nation within a nation: the rise of Texas nationalism. Port Washington, N.Y.: Kennikat Press, 1975. Print. Read More
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