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The emergence of the Black Pop Culture - Research Paper Example

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In this paper, the writer is going to highlight and comprehensively study the emergence of the black pop culture in African states and in states with people of the black descent. On that note, the paper will highlight the factors that have contributed to the growth of the black pop culture…
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The emergence of the Black Pop Culture
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Extract of sample "The emergence of the Black Pop Culture"

Download file to see previous pages As a result of racial discrimination in the world, the ideology of Black Nationalism has been championed among a table of the black descent. On that note, nationalism can be defined as a sense of sense of belonging to a particular state or nation for that matter. Therefore, in this context, Black Nationalism can be defined as the sense of belonging to a state inhabited by people of the black race. As a result of the adoption of this ideology among people of black skin in the world, it has fostered the growth of the black pop culture and rapidly transformed the music industry. On a similar theme, in this paper, we are going to highlight and comprehensively study the emergence of the black pop culture in African states and in states with people of the black descent. On that note, we are going to highlight the factors that have contributed to the growth and spread of the black pop culture.
First and foremost, the adoption of the Black Nationalism ideology has played a major role in the emergence and thriving of the black pop culture. Apparently, this ideology is mandated with the task of ensuring that African states are fully independent in all aspects; politically socially. Furthermore, the Black Nationalism aims to withdraw states of people with black descent from the white society. Moreover, the ideology champions the participation of black people in the political affairs of their nation. On the other hand, the ideology also created a forum in which the black rap industry has mushroomed. Apparently, this can be seen by comparing the music industry of the golden age to the current contemporary one.
Notably, in the American society, the African American people are usually faced with numerous social challenges that have hindered the growth of the black pop culture. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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