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It is bound to go on this way long after we are dead, just like it has done since time in memorial. From generation to generation we pass it on. I am sure this is how you found it Mother! However, have you ever…
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Personal Positioning Paper, Cultures and Contexts, Spanish Modernity
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Spanish Modernity It is amazing how this culture and tradition holds us like a spell. It is bound to go on this way long after we are dead, just like it has done since time in memorial. From generation to generation we pass it on. I am sure this is how you found it Mother! However, have you ever asked yourself the role it plays in your life, mine, that of your family and the society at large.
After forgetting ourselves and leading our own separate lives that is intoxicated by political discourses, religious dominance, social upheavals and disgust; however, we remember to be brought together each year by the Andalusian Autonomy Party. We dance to our conservative dance styles and almost religiously strive to save our hard earned money to buy flamenco dresses. Wow! Quite moving, and I am motivated by the enthusiasm, passion and zeal that our people have in protecting what is inherently theirs.
“We are living in the twenty first century” is now a cliche. The context in which these words are in most cases used is in reprimanding, persuading and to urging for “change!” But you sister, brother, mother, father, grandmother and grandfather will hear none of that. We do not need to change! You would all say, I would too, but not entirely. Change is good and it is not only inevitable, but also obligatory as long as we desire for better lives. Folklore, which is at the center of this party, is a culturally agreed weapon for criticism and fight against the national government whose policies do not work for us.
Oscar Wild said that we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. Hope is what will drive us to change. Bull fighting motivates ours struggles, our peculiar dressing and dances remind us of our history. The indigenous food enlightens our capabilities and originality. All these things are desirable, but we have to think of the future. Political ideologies have always set me apart with my family, and having harbored those thoughts has made me think that I need my family in order to become a living evidence of change. I want to become an engineer, but I used to ask myself why I need this traditional culture in order to achieve my non- traditional goal of becoming an engineer. I was wrong, because I will still serve you my people once I graduate as an engineer and the culture will still be there to guide, shape and discipline me on what is you expect of me in my service to you.
There must be a fusion between traditional elements and contemporary elements, traditional elements and non- traditional goals like god political leadership, justice and freedom. Our culture, tradition and religion have been influencing our decisions on the leaders we choose for ourselves. Although some of them have attempted to deliver what we expect of them our religion should let us be free of thought, because it is not always that all people in the congregation share the same faith. Our culture should not bind us to other alternatives of solving our problems.
Flamenco and Sevillanas dancing are our ways of sharing and which should be replicated in our goals of achieving national unity, creativity and development of our institutions. If we pull together our resources for development just as we do for the Andalusian Autonomy Party, we shall attain change. In this way, we attain services we need without relying on a government whose policies we do not believe.
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Wilde Oscar. Lady Windermeres Fan. London: Filiquarian Publishing, LLC, 1893 Read More
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