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The author examines the concept of modernity which indicates a scenario in which there has been the change from localization of the factors of production with the flow of capital across the world and regions happening at a magnitude never seen before…
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Modernity and Postmodern Culture
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The central conflict that drives modernity is tension between organization/integration and differentiation (Breward and Evans 2005, p. 122). Economically, the concept of modernity indicates a scenario in which there has been changing from localization of the factors of production with the flow of capital across the world and regions happening at a magnitude never seen before. These changes include international division of labor, post-industrial changes to the nature of capitalism since the ethos of industrialization are being challenged and finally the diffuse nature of trade to an extent that states are not able to totally control all economic aspects of their societies (McGuigan 2006, pp. 4-6). Modernity is also characterized by political changes as the basic unit of a state experiences challenges in respect of society failing to conform to nationhood both economically and culturally. Talk of global governance is rife with regional integration and alliances on a political note being common. Modern communication technology and increased ease of migration have had a big impact on culture with the opposing forces of globalization and new social movements taking center stage. Modernity has seen cultural changes in terms of exchange of ideas and practices being driven by corporations instead of governments. Modernity has found use in describing these changes since they are essentially a departure from previous experiences in terms of both intensity and geographical coverage and have seen the individual take center stage in creating, spreading and adopting change. The use of this term faces problems in respect to its independence from the other closely related term: globalization while it further raises the question of whether it has any significance considering that there are bound to be changes occurring at all times with these changes influencing societies across the world. The concept is also interpreted to mean the dawn of a new age which would seem obnoxious considering the lack of distinctiveness and the knowledge that a great deal of change is still yet to occur (McGuigan 2006, pp. 1-3). Read More
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