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Postmodern Work - Essay Example

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Post-modernism is a theory that has been really popular but is very difficult to define in the milieu of historians, academics and other kinds of intellectuals. This has been due to the fact that this term and concept has many meanings. However they all agree on one point which is that this idea of post-modernism has affected numerous principal areas of life such as art, literature, philosophy and design and architecture and also fields such as business, history, culture and their interpretation.This has been since the 20th century A.D and has caused many conflicts amongst philosophers and intellectuals…
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Postmodern Work
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"Postmodern Work"

Download file to see previous pages This is a prerequisite for that vital characteristic known as modern intelligence. However, the drawback with the theory is that it. The philosopher Richard Tarnas has claimed that post-modernism could not stand on its own values ultimately if we take out the metaphysical impressions on which it has shaped itself and it takes modernism as a fake reality.
Post-modernism is referred to as post-modern because it literally refers to everything after modernity. It deals with the new theories and the new sets that need to be evolved with the passage of time because the requirements of the new century and the challenges posed by this new are completely different from those that were posed by the previous ones. Thus, there is a vital need of new theories and a new set of ideas to prove and solve the problems that we encounter in the new world.
The knowledge in the modern societies is signified by the use it has. It's also different in the way it is collated, gathered, arranged and stored in postmodern society when compared to the modern societies. The use of computers and the role of information technology has increased greatly in the societies of today. It has specially helped in the modes of knowledge that have now changed in terms of distribution and creation and also the way in which it's used or consumed. For some, post-modernism is synonymous with the start of the computer era that began in 1960s and revolutionized all aspects of modern life and social life.
Profile of Artist: Patrick CaulfieldIs He Postmodern
Patrick Caulfield was a British artist who was an important artist of the last 50 years. He mostly deals with the pop artistry like prints and so on. He could be referred to as a postmodern artist because of the characteristics of his art.
He was a 'pop' artist, the artist of today. Many people could relate to his art, especially the younger population who identified with him and his art. We could call his work postmodern because he deals with the digital themes and so on and so forth.
His work is very computerized and digital. Also, he is familiar with the modern themes and talks frequently about them in his art pieces. He is post-modern because he is very 20th century and is after modernity. He is also got a modern appeal with his audiences and admirers.
He is also post-modern because he is multi-dimensional and deals with myriad themes and topics. Again, it is a vital characteristic of the post-modern period. He gets abstract at times and direct at others thus allowing a diversity of themes and modes and styles to take over.
Here we have an artist of the last past half century who is post-modern as hinted by his work.
In a sentence, Patrick Caulfield is the voice of modern art and the illustration below shall graphically tell us the way his work was done and also the various important post-modern characteristics evident in his art.
"In postmodern societies, anything which is not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Postmodern Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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