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How Important Is the Language in Low-Context and High-Contex Cultures - Research Paper Example

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The paper aims to understand the concept of ‘low context culture’ and ‘high context culture’. The famous anthropologist, Edward T Hall had contributed significantly towards the usage of both these concepts. He had presented it in his renowned book ‘Beyond Culture’…
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How Important Is the Language in Low-Context and High-Contex Cultures
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Extract of sample "How Important Is the Language in Low-Context and High-Contex Cultures"

Download file to see previous pages According to the paper, Mr. Edward had described low context culture with respect to ‘in-group’. The meaning of in-group had been denoted by the author as the discrete group which has similar expectations and experiences, and inferences can also be drawn from such an explanation. Low context culture indicates the tendency of a culture to not to cater towards any particular group. This kind of culture can be observed in the USA, Canada, German, France, Scandinavia, and other countries. In most of these countries, it has been found that the use of similar expectations and experiences are much lower. Instead of context, these countries are usually involved in the increased use of words and verbalization to explain any concept. High context culture primarily indicates the tendency of a culture to exercise high context message. In this case, the selection of the communication style is interpreted into a culture that caters towards a group. Being a group, they always possess similar kind of expectation and experience. Many things have been unsaid in this culture, they let the culture explained all those messages. In this context of communication, the words and the selection of words for expressing something plays a vital role. It is because having similar experience among the group members reduces the usage of more words and a few words can effectively explain a complex message. Here, lies the difference between the high context culture and the low context culture. The later one is more open or explicates and significance of a single word. Basically, it has been identified that the culture having a strong background and well-built sense of tradition is tend to correlate with the higher context culture. This kind of culture has been found in countries like Japan, China, Russia, and France among other nations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Important Is the Language in Low-Context and High-Contex Cultures Research Paper.
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