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Intercultural managerial communications - Term Paper Example

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Running Head: INTERCULTURAL MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATIONS Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Date: Abstract Communication is the building block of any social, professional or domestic structures these days…
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Intercultural managerial communications
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Download file to see previous pages The study at hand discusses the topic of intercultural managerial communications. In order to elaborate upon the subject, it will include discussions on intercultural myths, how people differ culturally, language and non-verbal sensitivity. It sets out to demonstrate the importance of managers gaining knowledge of various business cultures around the world so they can manage from a global perspective. Without knowing the culture of a place, it would be hard for one to engage in meaningful ventures. Language is a tool for people to communicate their thoughts and non-verbal sensitivity specifically how people decode or perceive the behavior of others, be it with those they have specific relationships with or not. Various cultures have different modes of communication even within their own subculture. It is of utmost importance for business professionals to be sensitive to the different cultures within the regions they operate to successfully communicate in other cultures. Intercultural Managerial Communications The communication in an organization or workplace is described as the conveying of messages with the help of a proper channel and medium to the desired receiver. According to the social constructionist approach, the communication in an organization pertains to the manner in which the use of language establishes various types of social structures, which may include teams, relationships, and networks. Managerial communication also refers to the related aspects of the organizational communication. It is an activity which assists the managers in communicating with the employees as well as amongst each other in the organization. The Managerial Communication facilitates in providing an even flow of information amongst them which directs them towards a mutual goal. Culture Culture is an amassed system of values, rules, norms, experiences and concrete behavior which man adapts from descending generations and aims at passing forward to ascending generations (Nakayama and Halualani 2011). In organizations, the word culture reflects on the business practices and the way of doing things. Business professionals have to learn the different business cultures before doing business in various markets so they can minimize the risk of business failure. Obtaining knowledge about different styles of communication, forms of body language, dressing, greetings, negotiation techniques and meeting approaches is vital in gaining successful business relations with like-minded people. Successful leadership engages the subject of intercultural managerial communication through discussing the branches of culture, intercultural myths, how people’s perceptions differ, language, and non-verbal sensitivities. People differ culturally in various ways such as voice pitch, words used, accents and nonverbal communication i.e. body language. In addition, within the cultures, there is a contrast in how people communicate. Certain actions may be acceptable within some cultures and not applicable in others. There are things that one can do in their culture and if they did the same in other cultures, they may be perceived as being undisciplined or offensive. There are also things that one can omit in some cultures and, therefore be perceived as rude in other cultures. For example, people must be sensitive to the different forms of greetings as they travel from one culture to another. Thus, many business profession ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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