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High-Context and Low-Context Culture - Assignment Example

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In the paper “High-Context and Low-Context Culture” the low cultural context represented by the United Kingdom and the US were compared with the high context culture of the Chinese people. The context refers to the level of understanding one has to possess before applying effective communication skills…
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High-Context and Low-Context Culture
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Extract of sample "High-Context and Low-Context Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Cultural diversity has different dimensions for consideration when building connections and interactions with people from diverse cultural contexts. One way is to comprehend the existing cultural differences among the groups. For instance, people from high-context cultures and those from low context cultures may find it challenging to understand one another because of the cultural diversities between the two groups. 
The high-context cultural group is characterized by the use of non-verbal approaches to communicate information when conversing (Hall, 1998). Some of these strategies include variation in tone, eye movement, and facial expressions. They consider non-verbal elements of communication as more important than the words used in relaying the message. People prefer learning in groups and solving problems together. Besides, they emphasize the importance of interpersonal closeness. Individuals engaged in business cannot make transactions until they build trust among themselves (Hall, 1998). Examples in this group include African groups living in Africa, most of the people in the Middle East, Chinese, and Japanese in Asia, as well as the Brazilians in South America (Huang and Mujtaba 2012).
The individuals in the low-context cultural group put more emphasis on facts and logic. When making decisions, facts are considered important than intuitions. Besides, the body language is not as important as the words. Verbal messages. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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High-Context and Low-Context Culture Assignment.
(High-Context and Low-Context Culture Assignment)
High-Context and Low-Context Culture Assignment.
“High-Context and Low-Context Culture Assignment”.
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