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Observing .... ( write observing whom it depends who you are interviewing ) - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Observation Report on a Musical Event Abstract Theoretical content of musical concepts plays a significant role in facilitating individual’s understanding on society and entertainment. However, theories learned in class can further be reinforced by engaging in practical events within a real world situation…
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Observing .... ( write observing whom it depends who you are interviewing )
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"Observing .... ( write observing whom it depends who you are interviewing )"

Download file to see previous pages Introduction Over the weekend, I decided to attend a musical event hosted the Samba Reggae School of Michigan. The event was held on November 17, 2013 along the famous Grand Haven beach of Lake Michigan. It was organized by the Samba Reggae School in collaboration with local fans. It was a daytime event taking place between 12pm to 7pm in the evening. Since I had no opportunity of purchasing advanced tickets, I decided to get rush tickets at the beach, which were retailing at a price of $11.50. This event was a Samba Reggae concert meant for ceremonial and entertainment purposes. The guest artist was Luis Vieira, one of the most popular Samba Reggae artists in South America. The ceremonial event started with a rehearsal by a local percussion team followed by dances and major performance by the guest artist. The entire program for the concert was available at the gate free of charge. Samba Reggae Music At this juncture, we will evaluate integral aspects of Samba Reggae music as used within the context of Brazilian traditional practices. First, it is worth acknowledging the fact that Samba Reggae derives its roots from a combination of Brazilian Samba genre and the Jamaican Reggae music (Pessanha and McGowan 23). A proportional blend between these two distinct genres gave birth to Samba Reggae, a music characterized by moderate tempo instrumentals with frequency ranging from 90-120 beats per minute. Samba Reggae is known for its close association with Carnival ceremony in Brazil, which involves dancers parading through residential villages while dressed in artifacts representing society’s values. It was originally an African ceremony brought into South America by slaves from West Africa. Currently, Samba Reggae is one of the most popular musical genres in Brazil and other Southern nations like Colombia. Personal Experience on the Event Prior to attending the music concert, I was not thoroughly conversant with events taking place in a Samba Reggae concert. I was used to seeing street dancers in television dressed in colorful attire and making magnificent patterns in their dancing formations. Therefore, this concert was my perfect opportunity to experience a Brazilian ceremonial event marked by musical performances. Chronological happenings in the beach were initiated by entrance by the two hosts carrying Samba Reggae flags followed by a short rehearsal performance by two local Samba bands. After the rehearsal, the drum session started preparing for the eagerly awaited Samba parade. The colorful parade which featured approximately 100 dancers of both genders lasted for about 2 hours. Finally, the guest artist, Luis Vieira, was invited to give his 1-hour energetic performance featuring top ten of his best tunes. After experiencing a Samba Reggae concert in person, I developed a high-spirited attitude towards involvement in such colorful events. In the past, I was used to experience Samba Reggae music in recorded videos or audio versions. However, attending an actual concert inspired me to start learning detailed concepts about Brazilian traditional ceremonies, especially the role of music in those ceremonies. In conventional context, I used to lose interest after listening to tunes from this genre for a consecutive 20 minutes. However, the concert was not only fun but also thrilling. Watching real people performing dancing moves ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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