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Article review and analyze - Essay Example

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This was a state that was marred with racism and many people had to disguise their looks to fit in the society. A succinct example is the…
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Article review and analyze
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Extract of sample "Article review and analyze"

Module Article Review and Analysis Towards the end of 1941, the s that there were a number of attacks that displacedmany people and brought utter confusion. This was a state that was marred with racism and many people had to disguise their looks to fit in the society. A succinct example is the author’s father who decided to get a haircut so that he could resemble the Japanese. Apparently, this was due to the looming situation which denied some people their rights. This is the same situation which was experienced in South Africa. Many people were barred from accessing hotels; they were denied services in restaurants and were only allowed to sit at certain designated areas (Nelson education ltd 2011). The situation was getting out of hand and many people decided to change their citizenship to fit the favored party. Though most of these people were fighting for Canada, many innocent lives were lost. This was due to the advantage they would gain by fighting for this particular party. This situation shows that people were willing to fight for their rights irrespective of the conditions.
Though there were looming attacks, children were protected and shielded away from any attacks. As a matter of fact, many children were not aware of the situation. All they could see were changes in their lifestyle and constant relocation. A better part of the Japanese Canadians was on the receiving end. This was a brainchild of racism as they were not considered worthy members of the society. For instance, a photo shows the Japanese Canadian internment in 1942. They are walking in unison along the streets since they have a point of commonality. However, some people had to go to greater lengths in expressing their commitment and willingness to prove their support (Nelson education ltd 2011). For instance, the author’s father had to volunteer in building the trans-Canada highway. Though some people were willing to show their support, they were still branded as enemies. This was through sheer protection of other family members that had settled at the stated place. Apparently, the author states that his father did not want them to be relocated from Vancouver.
Though there was immense pressure to relocate, males in the family had to consider all avenues of stabilizing their families. They did not want any danger to befall their families. For instance, the author’s father did everything to make sure the children were not facing any danger or pain. In the turn of events, children still had perfect stay in the affected area as an effort of their parents. Since there were other subsequent attacks, the families had to move. The author’s family moved to Slocan city, which was occupied with thousands of other families (Nelson education ltd 2011). The place was not hospitable as it had tiny rooms that were in deplorable state. This shows that there was immense racism as the people were housed according to their origin. Though the children were allowed to attend school, there were other factors that contributed to their abhorrence for school. For instance, some school children were seen chasing other school children. As a matter of fact, there is a photo showing an adult escorting children to school. This was a form of protection against other bullies. This shows that racism was deeply rooted in the society as it extended to school children who would kick and hit the victims. Similarly, another photo shows a woman protecting a child in her arms against other people that are likely to harm the child. If this is not done, there are possible repercussions that could happen. Though they tried to blend in the racist society, it was evident that aliens were not treated in a humane way. This showed that countries were indeed in world war.
Work Cited
Nelson Education Ltd. World War II and the Internment of Enemy Aliens: Circumscribing Personal Freedoms. New York: Nelson education ltd. 2011. Read More
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Article Review and Analyze Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Article Review and Analyze Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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