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Modes of Persuasion in Do Americans Expect Too Much From a College Degree and Mathematical Scaling Laws Applied to City Growth - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper "Modes of Persuasion in Do Americans Expect Too Much From a College Degree? and Mathematical Scaling Laws Applied to City Growth" focuses on the fact that it is obvious that expressing one’s argument in a concise as well as easy to understand manner should be considered to be an art. …
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Modes of Persuasion in Do Americans Expect Too Much From a College Degree and Mathematical Scaling Laws Applied to City Growth
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Extract of sample "Modes of Persuasion in Do Americans Expect Too Much From a College Degree and Mathematical Scaling Laws Applied to City Growth"

Download file to see previous pages It would be important to analyze the role of the title of each piece of writing. As one can clearly see, the former article asks the reader a rhetorical question. This is a rather good opening strategy since the audience is likely to focus its attention in order to learn an answer to it. In spite of the fact that it is not answered directly, the article provides enough evidence for a person to make an objective judgment. In other words, the use of the rhetorical question may be justified as it is a great attention grabber strategy.

Contrary to that, the latter article features quite a different title. It is more descriptive and does not interact with the audience at all. One might suggest that it is a rather inexpressive article that does not catch the eye of a person. What is more important is that it gives the reader a general understanding of what will be discussed in the paper, leaving no space for mystery. In other words, when the audience sees the title it knows exactly what the paper will be about and thus make an objective decision whether or not it should read it further. It is clear that this approach is more characteristic to scientific texts while the previously discussed one is more common for publicists ones.

The next point that should be noted is the use of subtitles. The first article has very short and quite intriguing ones: “Tale of 2 Grads”, “Jobless and in Debt”, “Colleges to the Rescue” (Barrett). It is clear that this is done deliberately to contribute to the interest of the audience so that it would read the respective subsections more attentively. In addition to that, the subtitles enter some kind of a mind game with the text, allowing the readers to guess why they were chosen. This means that the author would like to enhance the relationship with the audience and engage them in further discussion.

Unlike that, the subtitles of the second paragraphs are straight forward: they correspond to the road map of the article which was presented in the beginning.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Modes of Persuasion in Do Americans Expect Too Much From a College Deg Book Report/Review)
Modes of Persuasion in Do Americans Expect Too Much From a College Deg Book Report/Review.
“Modes of Persuasion in Do Americans Expect Too Much From a College Deg Book Report/Review”.
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