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A woman was expected to do as told by a man and to always submit before her husband. A woman had no power to speak or decide anything over a man. Most of black American women were housewives only working on casual…
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Oral report
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Download file to see previous pages Compared to them, now women are more independent and liberated. They can speak, act, and decide things in their own liking with no gender consequences imposed on them. Things are definitely much better.
Men have learnt to accept women as their equals in society and life. They have embraced this change and even worked towards enforcing it such as giving equal parliamentary seats for women in various democratic nations.
It is said great that things are borne of ideas and thoughts. I thought and wished for this development to once occur and it has. I also tried to acquire education to this effect but due to some reasons was unable to finish.
The interviewee seemed very interested. More information was actually being given than what the questions were asked. They seemed to spark some memories and feelings that she wanted heard. It even proved difficult to sometimes be able to steer the interview in the correct direction and relevance to the questions. In her eyes and dedication you could feel that she felt part of history and its unfolding. That she is proud to have experienced that time and the changes that have occurred ever since.
Most of what the subject answered was typical of other American women especially African Americans. Their experiences of this period are mainly filled with experiences of racial and gender discrimination. Aspects that greatly surrounded their lives and they all seemed to have wished it away though done nothing active in effect of this.
During the periods of 1940’s, Detroit was the leading vehicle manufacturer and boasted of high living standards which rose social issues that later brought its crumbling (Herron 12). It had started a single house policy and living conditions and standards were of a higher class. This was mainly due to the vehicle manufacturing workers good pay. This meant that those earning less such as the subject and most of African American communities had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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